At Galmier Locksmiths, our auto locksmiths in Melbourne are hard at work
each day helping stranded motorists get back on the road by solving their car key, lock and ignition problems, whatever they may be.

In particular, there are a couple of repeat problems that we see popping up time and time again!

Curious as to what these issues are and how we can fix them? You’ve come to the right place.

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1) Lost car keys

They’re not on the kitchen bench. You’ve checked every drawer and cabinet. Lost and found hasn’t seen them. In desperation, you rifle through old laundry,
hopeful they might appear in a pocket.

If you’ve had no success finding your keys despite having done everything you can to find your precious car keys, it might be time to cut your losses and
ring a car locksmith in Melbourne.

Losing car keys can be frustrating, to say the least. Luckily, Galmier’s car key replacement service makes things easier by cutting replacements for missing car keys on the spot.

Our locksmiths in Bayside:

  • Cut new keys
  • Program transponder keys
  • Can work without the original key for reference

Of course, once you have your brand-new keys, you’ll want to take measures to ensure you never lose them again. Click here to learn how you can avoid losing your keys again.


2) Locked keys in the car

We’ve all done stupid things when we’re sleep deprived. Normally, these aren’t much worse than accidentally putting salt in your morning coffee instead
of sugar.

Sometimes however, you wind up doing something disruptive like locking your keys inside your car.

Say this happens while you’re out. What can you do to get your keys back and regain entry to your vehicle?

Luckily, you don’t have to resort to breaking a window. Nor do you have to call a time-consuming (and expensive) tow – a mobile auto locksmith guarantees
a faster response time and on-the-spot fixes.

Unlocking car doors and boots is one of the very first things your locksmith learns. Not to mention, it’s also one of the most common jobs we take (as you can tell from its presence on this list).

In fact, we at Galmier are so confident in our ability to unlock car doors that we offer a guarantee: if we can’t get you back in, you won’t have to pay.


3) Remote key malfunction

Has your car remote suddenly stopped working?

If so, there are several reasons this might be the case:

  • A dead battery
  • Your remote has desynced with your car
  • It might be plain broken

Car remote malfunction can happen anytime and anywhere. Should you lose or damage your car remote, you will need the help and expertise of an auto locksmith
who can repair or replace your existing remote key.

Is it as debilitating as the other problems listed here? No – however, that doesn’t make it any less annoying to deal with!

How do car remotes work? Click here to find out!


4) Car key stuck in the ignition

So your keys are stuck and won’t budge, no matter how hard you yank or twist.

If you find yourself in this situation, the very first thing you should do is stop – there’s a very high chance you could be making the damage even worse!

Instead, you’ll want to get in touch with a car locksmith in Melbourne.

Car ignition problems are just one of the issues our
team deal with on a daily basis. Our team can:

  • Remove stuck keys
  • Clear debris from ignition chambers
  • Replace bent keys
  • Repair damaged pins and tumblers


5) Stolen car keys

Stolen car keys aren’t just annoying – they can
also pose a major security risk. Now, some ne’er-do-well out there has the ability to get into (and drive off with) your car!

First thing’s first: secure your car. We suggest keeping watch, or calling on-site security if possible.

The second step? Calling a car locksmith in Melbourne!

Our locksmiths in Bayside don’t just cut replacement keys – we’ll also help keep you secure by rekeying your car lock and ignition.

By changing the tumblers and pins, we’ll render your old keys useless. Once that’s done, we’ll cut a new set of keys to match your new locks and ignition.


6) Broken and worn-out car keys

Are your keys…

  • Broken?
  • Bent?
  • Worn-out?


Each of these poses a major problem – in particular, the first one.

Luckily, Galmier can help you out if you’ve run into broken and worn-out car keys.

First off, we’ll safely extract any bent or worn-out keys. This step is important, as trying to force the key can damage it even further, and can prematurely
wear out your ignition and lock chambers to boot.

We’ll also remove any metal shavings or broken sections of key that might be exacerbating the problem.

Once that’s done, we’ll cut a brand-new key to replace your broken or worn-out set.


7) We’ll fix transponder and keyless entry problems

Modern car keys are getting more advanced by the day. First, it was transponder keys,
which are now standard in almost every new-build car.

Today, smart keys and keyless entry are all the

Of course, these can still fail from time to time.

And when this happens, Galmier Locksmiths can help.

Keyless entry fobs come with physical keys as backups, just in case the fob stops working. This functions exactly the same as a conventional car key.

If you lose your keyless entry fob (and the built-in spare key), our team of locksmiths in Bayside will unlock your car for you and cut a replacement,
allowing you to get by.

Our auto locksmiths make it their mission to keep up with the latest in the world of locksmithing. We’re constantly attending training days and reading
up on the latest developments to ensure our service is up-to-date.


8) We work with all car brands

It doesn’t matter whether yours is a brand-new Kluger or a lovingly-maintained
‘86 Falcon. If it involves keys, locks or ignitions, we can fix it!

Galmier Locksmiths works with cars from Australia’s most popular car brands and models, including:

car key repolacement

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Luckily, our team of experienced car locksmiths in Melbourne can fix them for you!

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holidays for all your car key emergencies.

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