Have your car keys broken or bent after years of use? Does it take three or four tries for your car keys to turn in the ignition? Lost your car keys altogether?

Find out why you should replace your worn out car keys.

Each of these car key problems are not only annoying to deal with, but also disrupt your day’s routine.

If only you could get them replaced, and quickly!

Whether it’s an emergency or a replacement for a key that’s getting very worn-down, our automotive locksmiths can help you replace your old car keys.

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of our car locksmiths over to replace it.

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What to do if you lost your car keys and don’t have a spare?

If you’re like many people, you probably think of calling your car dealer or going to your car mechanic.

That’ll work – however, in our opinion this isn’t the fastest way of getting your keys replaced.

Timing is everything, especially when you’re stuck on the road (something that’s very likely when talking about car key problems). You simply don’t
have hours to wait around for new keys or help.

This is especially bad if it has happened after-hours or on the weekend.

After all, most dealerships and mechanics don’t operate on weekends. Even if it’s a weekday, you’ll still need to wait while they schedule you in between
all the other jobs they deal with throughout the day.

And we haven’t even factored in the time it takes for a tow, either!

Our auto locksmiths in Melbourne explained how car key replacement works here.

How can I get a duplicate car key without the original?

Simple: if you’ve lost your car keys and you don’t even have any spare keys with you, calling a car locksmith is the best choice possible.

Even without your original car key, we can make a duplicate copy for you on-the-spot!

We use a number of intricate techniques, as well as special equipment to figure out what shape your keys need to take. We’ll then cut a replacement
key for you right then and there!

Road assistance

When you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere and want to get back on the road fast, you may automatically think about calling for help from roadside

If your insurance policy covers roadside assist callouts, then that’s good news.

Just remember that a lot of the time, road assistance personnel are generalists. They respond to issues like overheated engines, car batteries that
need a jump start, tanks that have run low and things like that.

While there are some that can unlock cars, ones that can cut a car key for you on the spot tend to be rarer.

In these cases, the best course of action is to call a car key locksmith who has a fully-equipped mobile workshop, complete with key coding equipment and other locksmithing equipment that can cut keys for you wherever
and whenever.

Car dealers

Calling your car dealer is one of the most expensive and slowest methods you can think of when getting a new spare car key.

There are many reasons why:

  • Limited opening hours
  • Other cars that need to be looked at
  • Relatively few have their own in-house auto locksmiths

Most importantly however, is the distance and travel involved. Dealerships are static, meaning you’ll need to go to them – something you can’t exactly
do since you don’t have any keys!

Once you get there, you’ll need to wait until they can get around to attending to your problem. Depending on how many cars are in the workshop, that
can be several hours.

If you’re taking your car in for routine maintenance and would like an extra set of keys cut while you’re there, that’s totally fine. Just remember
that if a broken or missing key is the issue you’re dealing with, going to the dealership can simply be too time-consuming.

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How do I get a new key for my car?

Good news, replacing missing and broken car keys are a key (no pun intended) part of the locksmith trade. We deal with these types of problems every
single day, working on a wide range of vehicles and key types.

Needless to say, we’re pretty darn good at it!

An auto locksmith in Melbourne can make a new car key without a key… and much more!

Curious about how an auto locksmith in Melbourne creates a replacement car key? Cutting keys is our bread-and-butter as automotive locksmiths.

We use a variety of techniques to cut new car keys, program remotes and sync transponders
– all of which are almost impossible to DIY.

However, that isn’t all that we can do for you!

The vast majority of calls we get are people who’ve accidentally locked themselves out.

Instead of trying to pick your own locks, our auto locksmiths can help you get back in without causing damage to your locks (like many lockpicking
techniques may cause).

And if the issue lies with your lock or ignition rather than the key itself, we can fix that too, disassembling your lock or ignition and fixing the
root problem for you.

Whether you need us to replace your missing car key or simply need a door unlocked, it doesn’t have to be a messy, time-consuming process when you
enlist the help of an auto locksmith in Melbourne.

Can I get a key made from the VIN number?

You might not realize it, but your car has a unique Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

Automobiles made from 1990 and up have unique VIN numbers that are filed with car manufacturers.

Once we’ve verified ownership, our auto locksmiths can find your car’s VIN, which we then use to create a carbon copy of your car keys!

How much to get a car key made without the original?

Now that you know that your car key can be made without the original, you get curious about costs.

It can be hard to put a number on how much it’ll cost you to get your missing or broken car key replaced.

The exact price depends on a range of different factors, including:

  • Difficulty of the job
  • What car you drive
  • Distance
  • Features like transponders and remotes

While we can’t give you an exact dollar amount, our team endeavours to provide up-front pricing. You’ll know how much it’ll cost you before work commences.

Need a car key replacement, now?

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  • Dealing with a broken car key fob
  • Using transponder keys that have gone out of sync or have dead batteries
  • Locked out of your car
  • The victim of car key theft

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