Just as you’d feel foolish driving around with no insurance or with your petrol gauge actually showing below empty (we all have a friend who thinks they’re still right to get home with literally no fuel in the tank!), driving around with no spare car key can quickly become, if nothing else, a major time suck.

How many times have you come close to tearing out your hair searching for your car keys?

Under the bed, behind the couch, or in the dog’s kennel – no matter where you find them, it leaves you feeling frustrated and stupid.

You’ve been lucky so far, though – despite the frustration, you’ve always ended up finding them.

But the time will come (we don’t wish it upon you, but trust, us – The. Time. Will. Come!) when you will lose that single car key.

Regardless if it’s lost, stolen, or broken, you’re left feeling frustrated. And stranded.

Luckily, there’s a solution!

replace car keys

Need a new car key? Call a mobile locksmith

Galmier Locksmiths is a mobile locksmith in Melbourne providing stranded drivers just like you the relief of a new car key. There are many ways we can get caught in the above scenario, and below are what we think are the three most common.

1. Lost car key

No matter where you look and how many times you search, the key is no longer found. Did it grow legs and walk off on its own? Did it literally disappear? Sometimes, we really believe so!

If you’ve lost all hope of finding that singular car key, remember the Galmier name. We can come to you, and with a little help from our mobile workstation, can cut and program and brand new car key!

2. Stolen bag

Not only does a stolen bag result in lost possessions, it can also be worrying as people access personal details like your full name and address.

They might also have house keys, office keys, gym passes, and more. Read this blog post to learn what you should do if your handbag or wallet is stolen.

3. Broken key with no spare

Whether it snaps in the car door or in the ignition, a broken key can provide double the frustration – not only has your only car key broken, but there’s now a fragment of it stuck in the ignition or lock, and you can’t remove it.


Need to replace your lost car key?

We’ve come to rely on our cars for almost everything. Whether you’re a busy mum or dad running kids around to various activities or someone who requires a car to commute to and from work daily, it can be stressful thinking that your car will be unusable for even just a few days.

The solution? Call a local mobile locksmith!

Call a local mobile locksmith who will come to you and provide you with the rapid car key replacement service you need!

Better yet, save Alex’s number in your phone, so in the case where this eventually does occur (we promise, we don’t wish it upon you!) you can seek a rapid locksmith response! Contact me now if you need any assistance. Call 0407 022 234 or fill in this contact form.