We all know that sinking sensation when you realise you can’t find your keys. It isn’t a pleasant feeling – nor is the panic as you search your pockets,
laundry basket and bags for your errant car keys.

Our team of auto locksmiths have heard so many stories about lost car
keys over the years. In fact, missing or lost car keys are one of our most frequent callouts!

This means that we’ve also seen some of the handy tricks our fellow Melburinans are employing to keep track of those all-important car keys.

To take a little bit of stress off your shoulders, we’d like to share some of those tips with you!

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1) Bluetooth key finder

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace. Nowadays, we have remote unlocking, push-button start and very soon, we may even have biometrics or smartphone
unlocking too!

One less well-known development in the world of car keys is bluetooth key tracking.

Our favourite device is the Tile bluetooth key finder.

This little keychain gadget will emit a noise when you click the Tile button so that you can simply follow the sound to find your keys!

This key finder has a range of 45 metres and can sync up to your Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, allowing you to trigger the key finder with nothing
more than the sound of your voice.

It’s as simple as it could possibly be.

And better yet, it’s not just for keys either. People use them for their wallets, and even their cars and bikes!



2) Give your keys a home

The amount of customers we talk to who don’t have a home for their keys is astounding.

Why does this matter? Simple: it creates consistency.

Once you get in the habit of leaving your keys in the exact same spot every single time, it becomes a piece of cake finding them – just look in the usual

If you know you’re the type of person who loses their keys a lot, then give your keys a home. That way you will always know exactly where you put them.

You could use a wall key hanger or a key bowl, whichever one you prefer!

You don’t even have to buy one – you can just use a small bowl or cup from home that you don’t use very often. The “home” itself doesn’t matter – the most
important part is making it a habit.

We know what you’re thinking: even if you bought one of these you probably wouldn’t put your keys where they go anyway.

Well, we have news for you! It only takes 66 days to form a new habit. We know that sounds
like a long time but it’s really only a smidge over two months.

That means making a conscious effort for two months to put your keys in the same spot. Eventually, it will become second nature.

Some people can make it happen in as little as 18 days!

Don’t get discouraged if you find yourself forgetting to put your keys in the bowl a lot in the beginning. Just keep making an effort and eventually you
will put them away without even thinking about it.

Pro tip: Put your key hanger or bowl near the door. This way you don’t have to remember to put them away and you’ll have an immediate
reminder to do so as soon as you come home.



3) Keep your home and your car clean

We know that sometimes life gets a little bit busy and keeping your home clean can get hard.

If you’re the type of person who loses your keys (or anything else), this tip is a game changer for you.

How many times have you lost your keys (or you wallet) and found it a couple of days later underneath a pile of washing or under some papers?

Now, our auto locksmiths aren’t suggesting you make every surface of your home 100% dust and dirt free.

However, simply making the effort to put things away in the areas where your keys tend to pop up can dramatically reduce the chances of losing your keys.

A little organisation goes a long way. We know it’s not the funnest solution but it will definitely make life easier for you – plus, it’s just good advice
in general!


4) Think about pockets

We know this seems like a silly one but trust us: it works.

The amount of times people lose their keys because they simply fall out of their pocket is higher than you would think.

Now, we know what you’re thinking: if your keys fell out of your pocket you would hear them hit the ground.

Not necessarily.

Your keys might slide out of your pocket while your sitting down or they might hit a soft surface when they fall. Alternatively, you might be busy, and
simply not notice.

If you have a jacket with an inner pocket, we suggest putting your keys in there.

And if you use a key holder, we suggest putting it in your front pocket like you would for loose keys, instead of in your back pocket like you would your



5) Attach it to your phone

Think about all the times you’ve lost your keys. Chances are, it’s happened to you at least once.

Now think about all the times you’ve lost your phone. We’re willing to bet most of us haven’t made that mistake!

Most of us always know where our phone is. Whether it’s our back pocket, on the bedside table or in the top drawer at work.

So why not attach your car keys to your phone instead of to a key holder, or in a keychain?

In addition to knowing where your keys are at all times, you also won’t have to worry about keeping track of two separate items!

lost car keys call an auto locksmith

Lost your keys? Call Galmier’s auto locksmiths!


As a car locksmith we understand that sometimes accidents happen.

Even if you use all of these methods, there’s still a small chance you will lose your keys – you’re only human, after all.

That’s where we come in! We have over 17 years experience and a passion for helping people out of tough situations involving their keys.

And that includes cases of missing or lost car keys.

Whether you lost your key, broke your key or the locks seems to have worn out – we can help you by:

  • Cutting replacement keys (with or without the original)
  • Programming transponder keys and car remotes
  • Unlocking all makes and models (even luxury cars)
  • Repairing broken/worn locks
  • Removing broken or worn locks

Our mobile team will come to you so you don’t have to catch a taxi, phone
a friend or call an expensive tow either!

If you’re in need of an auto locksmith, you can contact us on 0407 022 234.
Or even better – save our number into your phone so if you need our help, you can quickly get in touch!