Automotive locksmiths

There might be nothing more frustrating than locking your keys inside your vehicle – but there’s a fix!

A leading automotive locksmith in Melbourne’s Bayside, Galmier will be there when you:

  • Accidentally lock your keys in the car

  • Break your key in the ignition

  • Need a duplicate key

  • Need to replace a damaged key

  • Need a transponder key

  • Need a new keyless fob replacement

We specialise in car locksmith services in Melbourne’s southeast, covering St Kilda to Seaford and everywhere in between.

The feedback from our customers speaks volumes about the affordability and reliability of our automotive locksmith services:

“New spare key for car only $220 which was almost half what the garage wanted to charge me, and he came to me. He is the kind of person you would love to have as a friend– the perfect mobile locksmith near me.”

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Automotive locksmith services

A fast, reliable, professional, and cost effective mobile locksmith like Galmier car key locksmith can solve many problems associated with automobile and their keys.

These are some of the most common auto locksmith problems we solve!

galmier locksmith car dealership

Locked out of your car? We open car doors

Whether you left the keys in the car ignition or lost the key somewhere, Galmier Locksmiths can get you out of trouble!

We work hard to get you back into your car and on the road with as little hassle and downtime as possible.

A locksmith employs numerous techniques to assist us in regaining access to our car. We have tools that open car doors or we can make a new set of keys for you.

We ensure that we take great care to not damage your vehicle, locks, or ignition during this process.

galmier locksmith car dealership

Car key cutting and replacement

People often underestimate the necessity of duplicate car keys until the moment they lose their only set!

It can be stressful when you lose your car key and quickly come to the realisation that you don’t have a spare.

That’s where we come in!

Galmier Locksmiths can make a new set of keys for you – without the original! Our on-the-spot solutions save you time as we come to you, and do all our work on-site.

Whether you have an older car with a simpler key or a modern vehicle with a complex remote control system, we can help you!

Car key cut and replacement from Galmier is also often a fraction of the price you’d expect to pay at a car dealership.

We can cut keys for almost any vehicle make and model, including luxury cars. Find out more about car keys cut and replacement.

galmier locksmith car dealership

Coded locks, transponder keys, replacement fob, keyless entry

Many modern car keys are integrated with digital chips.

These chips are programmed with a unique code that matches your car.

This new technology offers advanced ways to keep your car safe and secure.

Car owners marvel these types of safety features… until they’re the ones locked out of their car!

Galmier Locksmiths has state-of-the-art technology that can program remotes, transponder keys, replacement fob and other modern car keys.

galmier locksmith car dealership

Repair or replace broken or worn-out car keys

Car keys do not last forever. Every day they are being jammed into car doors and ignitions, and as such, it’s expected that they will receive their fair share of wear and damage.

A badly damaged key may even eventually stop working properly.

At Galmier Locksmiths, we have a fully qualified team of auto locksmiths who can cut and create brand new car keys to replace your tired, worn, and malfunctioning keys.

We supply both genuine and aftermarket auto lock and keys and can program your new set. Best of all, this work is done on-the-spot.

galmier locksmith car dealership

Remove broken keys from cars, trucks, and vans

Is your car key stuck in the ignition?

It’s a worrying scenario to be in that instills instant panic as you try to figure out what to do.

Should you try and remove the key yourself? What if it breaks, leaving half in your hand and the other half wedged in the keyhole?

It is not uncommon for old and worn-out keys to become lodged in a car door lock or ignition. And the first thing you should do if this happens to you is to call a local auto locksmith.

Avoid the temptation of trying to pull the key out yourself: not only can this result in a broken key, but you can also unknowingly cause damage to the inside of your ignition.

An auto locksmith not only has the proper tools, but the proper knowledge, too, to safely remove your car key without causing damage to your ignition.

By assessing your unique problem, we can even disassemble part of your ignition plate to safely remove the key.

galmier locksmith car dealership

Ignition locks repair or replace

If the cylinder in your car’s ignition lock is damaged and you are not able to turn the ignition switch, you might need to get your cylinder replaced completely.

If the damage is so severe that your key will not comfortably fit in the ignition, don’t try to force it. Instead, call a professional auto locksmith to assess the issue immediately.

We offer ignition locks and door locks for a variety of car make and models, conveniently packaged in a rebuild kit.

galmier locksmith car dealership

Mechanic looking for automotive locksmith

Mechanics work in a high-pressure environment every day. They’re the “go-to” team for almost any car problem – except for car keys.

Galmier is looking to partner with local mechanics who want to focus on their core trade and outsource lock and key problems to a professional locksmith.

We offer an affordable locksmith service for local mechanics, allowing them to stick to their primary business but also provide their clients a service around keys.

Learn more here and partner with Galmier today.

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Auto locksmith for commercial and fleet vehicles

Can you imagine your catering van being stuck on the side of the road with car key problems on the way to an important event?

Or maybe your plumber has lost the keys to his van and can’t answer to an emergency job?

Let Galmier Locksmiths help you ease the stress and let you focus on your business.

We service commercial fleet cars, trucks for delivery, car rental companies, auto insurance companies and more.

Prevention is better than cure! We’ll identify key, lock, or ignition problems, and make sure each of your vehicles has multiple sets of keys.

Why choose Galmier auto locksmiths?

Before hiring any car key locksmith, it’s essential to take certain security measures to avoid possible thefts or further damage to you vehicle.

Choose trustworthy local car locksmiths by considering the key factors below and find out why you should choose Galmier Locksmiths.

Emergency automotive locksmith Melbourne

Emergency automotive locksmith

Need an emergency locksmith in Melbourne? Stop wasting time.

Call Galmier now at 0407 022 234

Unless you’ve been thinking about getting an extra set of keys cut, most auto locksmith call-outs are for urgent, emergency, and unplanned events.

Galmier Locksmiths is an expert in automotive locksmith services, primarily serving the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne, with an aim to swiftly get you back on the road during car key emergencies.

Call 0407 022 234 today for our car key services.

Our priority is the satisfaction of our customers, that’s why we have after-hours emergency auto locksmith service.

Call Galmier the next time you’re looking for a “car key locksmiths near me”.

  • Accidentally lock your keys in the car?

  • Break your key in the ignition?

  • Need a duplicate key?

  • Need to replace a damaged key?

  • Need a transponder key?

  • Need a new keyless fob replacement?

Galmier Best Car Locksmith

Galmier – Bayside’s best mobile locksmith

Galmier Locksmiths is Melbourne’s most highly reviewed and trusted locksmith in Melbourne for prompt, reliable service and choice.

We have 18 years experience, delivering locksmith services for automotive, domestic and commercial clients based in and around Melbourne Bayside region.

If you have any issues with your locks – we can fix it or there’s no charge.