Crime in Bayside is on the rise, and now’s the best time to make sure your belongings are protected. Assessing your current personal property security is not a task you should put off!.

Most alarming of the recent crime statistics is the rise of car thefts. We discuss how to protect yourself below, and what to do if your car keys get stolen. We also break down Bayside by some of the most populated suburbs to see what other crimes are occurring.

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Auto theft: thieves are stealing your car by stealing your keys and purse, first!

The statistics are out and auto burglaries are becoming more and more common across Bayside.

With the sophisticated level of security that is now standard across modern cars, criminals now have to go to extra lengths to steal your vehicle. It’s no longer as simple as hotwiring a car.

Criminals are stealing cars by first breaking into homes and stealing keys or purses. In fact, an article in the Herald Sun from 2016 told us that not only were 427 cars being stolen across Melbourne every week, but an astonishing 70% are stolen using their own keys. You can read more about this shocking stat in this blog post.

If you have misplaced or lost your car keys, call us immediately for car key replacement. Our locksmiths in Bayside can replace and reprogram your car key on site using our coveted state-of-the-art technology.

If a stranger has hold of your keys, it doesn’t take too much deduction to figure out which car is yours. The quicker you call us, the better chance you have of protecting your car!

When faced with the unexpected loss or misplacement of your car keys, don’t fall prey to common auto locksmith myths. Discover the truth and practical solutions for car key replacement in our dedicated article.

Brighton: burglaries are on the rise

Burglaries and break-ins have risen dramatically over the last year in Brighton, with more than 233 offences recorded this year. Protecting your home and keeping it secure is extremely important, and using the right security equipment helps tremendously.

How safe does your home look? The truth is, burglars are looking for an easy route in and out. Does a high fence deter or attract thieves? Could a thief easily spot car keys on a hallway table if they peeped through a window? Find out what burglars look for when scouting homes for theft in this blog post.

Sandringham: property damage and break-ins

Property damage is an ever-increasing problem in Sandringham, increasing by 4% over the last year. It’s particularly devastating for the victims involved and can be quite costly too.

Protecting your property and valuables properly is the sensible thing to to do, giving you peace of mind that this offense is less likely to happen to you.

While 40% of break-ins involved forced entry, did you know that up to 30% of burglars enter a home through… wait for it… an unlocked door!

It would almost be laughable if it wasn’t so serious. Home security is critical to protect you, your family, and your possessions. Are you procrastinating getting that loose door handle fixed? Are your windows even fitted with locks?

A thief doesn’t want to hang around longer than is necessary, so the harder your house is to break into, the more likely they are to flee and head elsewhere.

What do thieves hate?

  • A dog (doesn’t matter if it’s big or small – just noisy!)
  • An alarm system (or even a sticker saying a home is fitted with a system)
  • Sensor lighting (it can draw attention)
  • A home that is clearly seen from the road (nowhere to hide!)

Moorabbin: theft

Theft rose 3% last year in the suburb of Moorabbin, continuing a small yet upward trend since 2015. Theft has always been a problem here, with offences being in the hundreds since 2013.

Think like a thief

So what can you do to help make your home more secure? It might sound weird, but think like thief:

  • Look for weaknesses in your home
  • Inspect window security
  • Assess your front door, lock, and handle
  • Be smart when it comes to going away on holiday
  • Look through your windows to see what a potential thief might see

It’s always important to report any instance where you have been the victim of theft. Make sure you keep any valuable you have to take around with you (like your wallet, or car keys) on your person at all times.

Hampton suffers a spate of car break-ins

Affluent suburb Hampton was victim of a spate of car break-ins in July 2016. Over a two-day period, more than 10 cars were broken into.

The best defense against car break-ins is to ensure nothing is visible to an outsider. Even spare change or an old pair of sunglasses is enough to attract the attention of a thief.

The most common items stolen from cars include:

    • Cash
    • Keys
    • Bags
    • Sunglasses
  • GPS devices
  • CDs

Be careful when you leave your car at the train station

Do you park your car at a train station? They are popular areas scouted by thieves as it can be assumed cars will be left there, unattended, for many hours at a time. Remove any temptation from your car, and we hope we don’t have to remind you to always ensure you lock your doors!

Second-guessing your home or car security?

That feeling of uncertainty can leave you feeling nervous and uneasy.

  • Are you second-guessing that bedroom window or lounge room sliding door?
  • Recently moved into a new house, and considering changing the locks?
  • Lost your only set of car keys?

Take the right measures NOW with the goal of reducing the chance that you and your family will become Bayside and surrounding area’s next victim of crime. Rely on Melbourne’s most trusted auto locksmith for all your security and locksmithing needs. Call Alex now!