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Car remotes have been around for so long, it’s almost impossible to imagine a time before them.

And like many staples of modern life, many of us don’t really have an in-depth understanding of how they work.

Today, our car locksmiths in Melbourne explain exactly what powers your car remote… as well as how our auto locksmith service can help you should
you lose or damage your car remote!


Our auto locksmiths in Melbourne explain the basics of car remotes

Just click a single button, and your car and everything inside it is safe from theft. For most, our thoughts on car remotes don’t really go much deeper
than that!

As an auto locksmith in Melbourne, we understand that the locksmithing trade – auto locksmiths, in particular – can get bogged down in jargon and industry

Today, we’re going to cut through all the jargon and explain in simple terms just how your car remote works.

How it all works

Both the transmitter (your remote) and receiver (your car) uses 40-bit encryption – this allows manufacturers to generate up to a trillion different possible combinations.

To provide extra security, your car doesn’t just use one code, either. Instead of a single code, the transmitter constantly generates different codes to
create what we refer to as a rolling code.

The way it works is this:

  1. Your remote sends a unique, single-use unlock code to the receiver
  2. If this code is valid, your car unlocks
  3. Once the receiver gets the code, it generates a new one (hence the name “rolling” codes)
  4. The receiver communicates the new code to the transmitter, which stores it on memory
  5. Repeat every time you unlock your car

While this may sound like a problem, it pays to remember that both transmitter and receiver are in constant communication. As long as the two are synchronised,
you won’t need to worry about your transmitter and receiver coming into conflict.

It’s also thanks to this mechanism that your remote unlocks your car… and yours alone.


Common car remote problems

While relatively minor compared to losing your keys altogether, faulty car remotes are still annoying, and can frequently result in mild frustration.

Some examples include…


Dead batteries

Car remotes can go a long time without needing to change the batteries. However, no battery lasts forever, and eventually, your car key fob may run out
of juice.

In addition to cutting keys and fixing locks, a car locksmith in Melbourne can also replace dead batteries for you. They’ll carry in their van a wide range
of batteries, saving you the effort of driving around looking for a shop that stocks the right battery.


Broken remote

Your remote contains sensitive electronics – if you accidentally squashed it, or you left it in your pants and run them through the laundry.

Either way, the result is the same: a busted remote, and a total replacement.

Fortunately, Galmier’s car locksmiths in Melbourne drive around, fully-equipped to repair or replace your car locks and keys… and that includes car remotes.

A common problem with today’s cars is that when remotes break and your door has a different key to your ignition, you will be locked out. Galmier can also
help with this issue.



Synchronisation is the key to remote unlocking. But what happens when your remote and car desynchronize?

When you click the button on your remote while out of range, your remote and car are out of synch – each code is single-use, after all.

Luckily, there are measures in place to resolve this. A 40-bit system in particular allows you to accidentally push the button 256 times before desyncing.

If your remote does desync however, you’ll need to resynchronise it. And Galmier Locksmiths can help with that!

Lost car remote

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