Reports showed that in 2017, almost 52,000 vehicles were stolen in Australia with an estimated total value of $505,999,087.

While this is certainly alarming, the numbers aren’t the most surprising part of all this – what’s more surprising is that relatively few of these thefts involved forced entry.

According to the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council, up to 70% of vehicles were stolen with the keys. The NMVTRC goes on to report that thieves are becoming more brazen, breaking into houses to get their hands on your
car keys.

So if your car keys have been stolen, you need to action quickly, before thieves have the opportunity to make off with your car!

Broken your car keys? Can’t remove them from the ignition? Galmier auto locksmith explains how you can get back on the road fast when disaster strikes!

Step 1: secure your car

If your car keys have been stolen, the very first thing you should do is secure your car.

Return to your parking spot and stand guard over your vehicle. The vast majority of thefts are opportunistic, committed when the would-be thief has an opening and believes they can make a clean getaway – right now.

With you nearby, very few are going to risk being spotted and drawing attention to themselves. Call a trusted friend or family member and stay in their car near your own.

If possible, you might like to see if your neighbours or co-workers can block your car in with theirs.

If your car happens to be unlocked, put on a steering wheel lock.

While it may sound like overkill, it guarantees your key thief can’t get away with your car.


Step 2: file a police report

The second thing on your agenda should be to file a police report.

If you believe your car is in the process of being stolen or feel your circumstances qualify as an emergency, dial Triple Zero (000).

Otherwise, report the theft to police by directly calling your nearest police station.

Be as clear and specific as possible when giving information on the exact time and place where your car keys were stolen.

This can help with a potential investigation, as well as providing documentation to your insurance company that you responded appropriately to the theft if they try to weasel out of paying for you.

Speaking of insurance companies…

worn out car keys

Step 3: inform your car insurance company

After calling the police and filing a report, the next number you should ring is your insurance provider.

Depending on your policy, car insurance companies might cover the cost of changing your car locks and getting replacement car keys cut. If you’re unsure, ringing your provider can help clear this up.


Step 4: contact a reliable auto locksmith in Bayside

While you might be able to secure your car, without a key there’s not much you can do with it.

Even if you have a spare on-hand, the fact remains that a key to your car is floating out in the wild. If your key was stolen at your work or another place you visit regularly, there’s the risk the thief may return to finish the job!

The only way to avoid either outcome is to get in touch with your local auto locksmith.

In addition to cutting replacement car keys on-the-spot, a certified auto locksmith like Galmier Locksmiths can also rekey your car doors and ignition.

Once your auto locksmith’s handiwork is done, you’ll have a completely new ignition chamber and car door lock, leaving would-be thieves locked out!

Just be sure to choose a certified, trustworthy auto locksmith. There are many auto locksmith scams out there which you need to be on the lookout for.

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