You mightn’t realise how much you depend on your car – and by extension, your car keys – until something goes terribly wrong.

Lost your keys? Damaged or broken your only spare? Either of these can prove particularly disruptive to your regular routine. If you’re not familiar with the process, you can read more about car key replacement explained by our auto-locksmith in Melbourne.

For many of us, our first thought when we lose our keys is to get in touch with the dealership… especially if we don’t have a copy of the original
to provide our locksmith.

Take it from us however, the number you should be calling is your local auto locksmith!

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Why the dealership isn’t the right number to call

When many of us need car key replacement, our first thought is to get in touch with the car dealership or a mechanic.

However, this presents a couple of problems.

For starters, there’s the matter of timing. Without your keys, you can’t head down to the dealership or mechanic shop.

No, you’ll have to wait for a tow which adds time (and money!)

And once you’re there, you might have to wait at the back of the line.

And this is assuming they’re even open – what happens if you lose your keys after hours on a Friday? It could be days until you see your car again!

Not to mention, dealerships almost always charge a premium for car key replacement. In fact, what many dealers and mechanics do is ring up a dedicated
auto locksmith for replacement keys.

Essentially, they’re expensive (and completely unnecessary) middlemen! Besides the cost, there are reasons why you should replace worn out car keys.

For more information about why an auto locksmith is the superior choice to a dealership for your key problems, click here.

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Your auto locksmith cuts new keys without the original

The Vehicle Identification Number method

If you call your auto locksmith and don’t have an original key for them to work off, you may wonder how an auto locksmith replaces missing or broken car keys.

You’ll just need to provide them with two things first:

  1. Proof of ownership
  2. Your car’s unique Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

Once proof of ownership is established, your auto locksmith gets to work finding your vehicle’s VIN.

To get that, your auto locksmith first has to unlock your car.

Fortunately, this is one of the very first things they cover in locksmith training, so this part normally happens fairly quickly.

This is because your VIN is usually located somewhere in the car itself.
That can mean:

  • The user manual
  • On the dashboard
  • On the inside of the doors
  • On the metal frame
  • Under the bonnet

It’s not just keys either

Once your auto locksmith has your VIN, they can do much more than cut a physical replacement key.

In addition to keys, most modern cars come with an additional layer of security. In particular, transponders.

These chips are located in the key itself, and transmits a unique signal to your car. If this signal doesn’t match the one assigned to your car, you won’t
be let in… even if the physical key fits!

A car that requires a transponder will not run without one. While a “dummy” key might get you into the boot, without the right transponder, your engine
won’t start. Many newer cars won’t even disengage their locks without the right transponder.

On top of cutting a new key, your auto locksmith can also program a brand-new transponder using the information provided by the manufacturer.

Click here to learn more about how transponder keys keep your car safe.

Need car key replacement, ASAP?

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Many wonder, can you replace a car key without the original? The answer is a resounding yes. Curious about the process? Here’s how an auto locksmith in Melbourne creates a replacement car key.

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