Think criminals are sneaking around at night, hot-wiring cars in order to steal them? Think again!

We’re making it way too easy for criminals to steal our cars using the very same key we’ll be using this evening when we commute home, or tomorrow morning when we head to the office.

Sophisticated and advanced car security becomes somewhat redundant when we learn that the way most criminals are stealing cars is not by sleuthing and cracking some high-tech codes, but in fact thieving a key and driving a car away.

The below Herald Sun newspaper article from Sunday, 7th November 2016 says that 427 cars are stolen every week. That’s a staggeringly high number! Unfortunately, car theft is on the rise. It’s up a huge 65% from last year.

car theft stats vic

And just as shocking as those statistics above, is that of those cars that are being stolen, 70% are taken using their own keys!


What does this mean?

It means criminals can afford to be lazier in their expeditions.

They don’t need expert knowledge, trickery, or dodgy tools to hot-wire a car.

We’re making it way too easy for a criminal to not only invade our homes, but also to then find our car keys and make off with our car.


Why is this happening?

We believe there are two main contributing factors.

1. Poor household security

This article cites an Australia-wide statistic that 7 in 10 cars are stolen outside a residence, after a thief has stolen the keys. This means criminals are splitting car theft into three stages:

  • Getting into your home
  • Finding and stealing your car keys
  • Driving away in your car

This seems like a lot of steps to take, right? But the truth is, if it weren’t so easy, they likely wouldn’t bother doing it.

Poor household security – from flimsy and outdated door locks to windows that don’t even have locks – are resulting in criminals stealing cars from, quite literally, right under our noses.

2. Visible car keys

We’ve mentioned this one before.

When you arrive home, you chuck your handbag on the floor, kick off your shoes, and fling your keys onto the entryway table… right in view of that burglar creeping around your front door.

Your keys are sitting right there, in plain sight, begging to be snatched.

But the scary thing is, that doesn’t even occur to you.

After all, you probably think leaving your keys right there in plain sight will make it easier for tomorrow morning’s version of you when fact, you’re also making it more tempting for a thief to break into your home, and easier for them to get away in your own car.

If a thief has done his or her research, has spied your car keys, and is prepared to break and enter your home, they can be in and out with your car keys in mere seconds.

car keys stolen

Car key replacement from a mobile locksmith in Melbourne

Unfortunately, it’s likely we all know someone who has had their car stolen, or perhaps you yourself are a victim of car theft.

It is totally devastating, not to mention frightening, frustrating, and distressing.

If you’re lucky, your car may be recovered, and if damage is minimal, could once again become a key part of your daily commute. Before you start using your car again, one of the first things you must do is replace (and reprogram) your car keys.

Car key replacement from a qualified mobile locksmith in Melbourne, rather than a car dealership, can save you time and money. While the big car manufacturers require advanced bookings and even days out of action, a mobile locksmith comes to you (makes absolute sense, right?!) and will cut and replace car keys on the spot.

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