How many times have you had to contact a Bayside auto locksmith for:

  • Lost car keys?
  • Broken or worn-out keys?
  • A car ignition jam?
  • Replacement for a worn out key?

Hopefully, it won’t have been too often – thankfully, most people rarely have to call upon their emergency auto locksmith.

Of course, since most people rarely have to resort to calling an auto locksmith, that also means that many haven’t the foggiest what this skilled tradesmen
actually does!

So we thought this week, we’d take a look at some misconceptions about auto locksmiths, and reveal the various skills they possess to get you out of trouble
when you experience car key problems!

Sit tight as we share some common myths, and if you need an auto locksmith in Melbourne or Bayside, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our talented team!

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Myth 1: auto locksmiths only open car doors

Many people think of auto locksmiths as opening car doors, and not much more.

We’re not 100% sure why – we would have thought that the “locksmith” part of our title would tip people off that we do everything a locksmith with a shop
can do.

Perhaps it’s the mobile nature of our work. After all, a van is much smaller
than a storefront so it can be natural to assume we carry fewer tools around.

Rest assured, while unlocks are a large part of our typical day,
your auto locksmith does a lot more than just unlocking doors for you!

Some of the services an auto locksmith can offer you include:

  • Replacing broken, missing or bent car keys
  • Removing keys stuck in your ignition (yep, keys don’t
    just go in the door!)
  • Cutting spare keys on-the-spot
  • Making a brand new key… without the original!

Our expertise isn’t just limited to “analogue” keys either. Most cars nowadays use transponder keys and remote unlocking – two technologies your auto locksmith is intimately familiar with.

Myth: busted

Myth 2: You should take your car to the dealership

If you first bought your car, your dealer may have implied that the *only* place for any type of service is the dealership.

Of course, as we all know, that’s because dealerships make close to half of all their profit on service and maintenance. So they have a vested interest in keeping you coming back for service!

Not only is dealership service more expensive in almost every single case, but it’s also much slower.

Instead of immediate attention, you may have to wait for for your dealer to knock out other cars in their backlog. With the number of cars your dealer
sees, this can result in a painstakingly long wait time.

Not to mention, most dealerships either have a locksmith on retainer or just call the first one they find on Google. Very few have one on staff – this
can increase wait times even further.

This isn’t the first time we’ve talked about why you should go with an auto locksmith rather than a dealership. You can click here to get caught up.

Myth: busted

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Myth 3: Auto locksmiths only service common vehicles

Some models are more common than others.

As such, it can initially make sense to assume your auto locksmith only works with common makes and doesn’t see more exclusive models all too often.

While you aren’t wrong, your auto locksmith can do much more than just unlock Holdens and cut keys for Toyotas!

Just because while some models are rarer, that doesn’t mean we can’t help out still!

Underneath the hood, the principles behind your ignition chamber, keys, and car locks are generally the same; it doesn’t matter if it’s a common model
or a luxury import.

Among other brands, Galmier Locksmiths has helped people with:

  • Mercedes-Benz
  • BMW
  • Audi
  • Lexus
  • Volkswagen
  • Jaguar
  • Peugeot
  • Porsche

Myth: busted

Myth 4: Any auto locksmith will do

If you think that all auto locksmiths are the same, think again. While we all undergo the same qualifications and licensing process in theory, the reality
is that not all locksmiths are the same.

Yes, just like any other industry, the locksmith industry has its fair share of less scrupulous, fly-by-night operators.

Before you book a job with any old car locksmith, make sure that you’ve done your homework before you give them a ring.

This will help you avoid falling for locksmith scams,
saving you a considerable amount of stress… not to mention, money!

Myth: busted

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Don’t let these myths stop you from getting the help you need – call a trusted auto locksmith today!

Need car key replacement in Melbourne? Or a spare key cut? You need an auto locksmith!

And when it comes to auto locksmiths in Bayside (and Melbourne’s entire south-east),
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