If you run a transport, logistics or construction company, you’ll no doubt understand the importance of efficiency and timeliness.

And when it comes to efficiency, a lot of it comes down to your commercial fleet.

One truck being put out of action can mean late deliveries. It can push back jobs. It might even lead to lost business!

Naturally, ensuring your fleet is up and running is the most important considerations in your field of business. You’ll want capable vehicles that are
up-to-date on maintenance if you want to continue delivering the best service.

And you’ll also want a reliable auto locksmith too just in case your fleet
runs into key problems!

car locksmith for large fleets

Why your business needs an auto locksmith in Bayside

Accidents happen. Almost everybody can relate to at least oneof these situations:

It’s annoying when it happens to your own car. But when it’s for one of your commercial vehicles, it could affect your bottom-line!

Every second counts in the delivery, courier and logistics industries. When key problems arise, you’ll want quick and speedy service – you’ll want an auto
locksmith like Galmier Locksmiths to come to your aid.

We don’t just partner with mechanics, rental companies and car yards – we’re proud to partner with businesses that operate large commercial fleets too.

For when you need fast and reliable service

When your drivers run into key problems on the job, you’ll need someone who can get them back on the road, and fast.

Rely on a dedicated auto locksmith to come to you when you need them most.

Take Galmier Locksmiths, for example.

As an auto locksmith in Bayside, we know that car key problems by their very nature mean you can’t come to us. Calling a dealership uses up precious time – calling a tow takes even more!

That’s why we offer our mobile locksmith service for when
emergencies happen.

An auto locksmith gets your drivers back on the road in the fastest and most efficient way possible. And in industries where every second counts, this
is a lifesaver!

Your car locksmith in Bayside even offers an out-of-hours emergency locksmith service.

We’ll come out to you after-hours or during the weekend to get your employees back on the road in no time.

A Bayside car locksmith gives you an expansive service area

Your drivers go far and wide. Naturally, you’ll want to partner with a locksmith that offers a huge service area!

If your fleet drivers find themselves stuck in Melbourne’s south-east, a car locksmith in Bayside can help. Galmier Locksmiths offers wide coverage of
Melbourne’s southeast, with a focus on the Bayside area specifically.

We’ll be there for you whether you are in:

  • Armadale
  • Bentleigh
  • Brighton
  • Cheltenham
  • Malvern
  • Moorabbin
  • Oakleigh
  • Prahran
  • South Yarra
  • St Kilda
  • Toorak

An auto locksmith unlocks a huge range of car brands

There’s no law saying that all transport companies need to use the same model of truck. In fact, your commercial fleet might even feature several different
models and manufacturers!

While car keys are fairly similar across manufacturers, each have their own unique quirks. You might operate:

  • Vehicles you see everywhere, like Holden, Toyota, and Ford
  • Popular makes including Hyundai and Mazda
  • Even upmarket brands like BMW and VW make commercial vehicles!

A car locksmith’s experience means they’ll be able to fix your problems efficiently, regardless of which vehicles make up your commercial fleet.

auto locksmith for large fleets

Choose Galmier’s auto locksmiths to support your commercial fleet

With an expansive service area, in-depth knowledge of the art of car keys and 17 years’ experience, you can rely on Galmier’s auto locksmiths when you
run into any of these problems:

  • An employee or contractor accidentally locks themselves out of their vehicle
  • You need duplicate or replacement keys cut for the entirety
    of your fleet
  • A transponder key breaks or stops functioning
  • One of your drivers breaks a key or ignition

These are just some of the services a Bayside auto locksmith provides.

If car key problems are a common theme in your business, give us a call today on 0407 022 234, or contact us here!