Anyone who’s ever worked in a car yard or car rental company knows that managing that many cars is a headache at the best of times, and a nightmare at

Operators of rental companies need to ensure each vehicle has a full tank and comes back with nary a scratch!

Owners of car yards, on the other hand, need to ensure that all vehicles on display are topped up with oil and that the batteries are charged.

While they’re very different businesses, there’s one thing both need to contend with: car keys.

If you’re an owner of a car yard or a car rental company, you need to keep track of countless keys. While ideally each will be stored and catalogued properly,
in practice it’s not uncommon for one of the countless keys you’re responsible for to be misplaced.

And in the case of rental companies specifically, what if your customers misplace their (your) keys?

commercial Auto locksmith melbourn

Why you need a commercial auto locksmith for your…

Losing and breaking your keys or accidentally locking yourself out is an annoyance for most people.

When you run a car yard or rental company however, it could cost you valuable business!

If the thought of losing car keys or not having a duplicate key on hand for your cars is constantly at the forefront of your mind, then partnering with a commercial auto locksmith like Galmier Locksmiths is one of the best choices you can make for your business.

How your auto locksmith can help your car yard

Imagine you run a car yard and a potential buyer wants to take a specific car out on a test drive.

Here’s another hypothetical: cars that are being stored for a long time need to have the oil changed and taken out on occasional drives to ensure that
it starts when you need it to.

The only problem: you have no keys to get in!

In both cases, a lost set of keys can spell disaster – you might lose a purchase or have a car refuse to start for a customer.

With so many cars in your yard, we don’t blame you for misplacing a key or two. If you do end up losing one and don’t have spares, an auto locksmith might
be the only thing between you and a lost sale!

How your auto locksmith can help your car rental business

Similarly, let’s say a traveller comes into your rental business to pick up their car.

They present the necessary ID and booking paperwork while you open your safe to pick out the right set of keys, only to find they have been misplaced.

And what happens if a customer loses their car keys or locks themselves out while they’re out on the road?

Skip the tow truck headache and instead choose a dedicated auto locksmith and keep them on speed-dial – you never know when you might need us!


Why you should choose a dedicated auto locksmith for your business

An auto locksmith acts fast and delivers results

When key troubles arise, time is of the essence.

Even if a car isn’t being used at the moment, it’s still important that you get any key problems fixed ASAP. After all, who knows when someone might walk
in demanding a last-minute rental when you’re all booked up?

You need keys replaced fast. And that’s exactly what a professional auto locksmith offers.

Going to a dealership or calling a
tow truck is costly and simply takes too long.

You need service that can cut a new set of keys quickly, before the missing set of keys has the opportunity to impact your business.

A dedicated auto locksmith will have experience working explicitly with car keys.

Transponders, remotes and ignition
cylinders… take our word for it, cutting car keys and locks a completely different ball game from cutting house keys.

Your regular home locksmith might not be able to deliver the same level of service (or at least, not as quickly) … but an auto locksmith can.

When it comes to expertise, you can’t beat a dedicated automotive locksmith!

Car keys and locks are different from house keys. Sure, your regular home locksmith might be able to get the job done. But can they:

  • Cut car keys as fast as an auto locksmith?
  • Cut keys for a wide range of car models?
  • Program transponder keys and remotes?
  • Come to you, not the other way around?

A run-of-the-mill key cutter might not be able to offer all of these services.

With their expertise in car locks however, an auto locksmith can.

Whether disaster strikes while a car is on the road with a customer or sitting in your garage, don’t call for a mechanic or your dealer. Instead, choose
a specialist. You wouldn’t call a vet to take a look at your cold – why should your cars be any different?

Auto locksmith for car rental company

Are you a car yard or car rental company looking for a commercial auto locksmith?

Your cars are how your yard or rental company makes its money. Any problem with your cars can mean problems for your business… and that includes
problems with your keys!

Let us take the issue of keys off your hands so you can focus on what you do best: selling and renting cars.

Operating since 2005, you can trust Galmier Locksmiths to solve all your key-related problems, quick and smart. We guarantee a quick, speedy response to,
no matter where you’re based in Melbourne’s south-east.

You’re maybe facing one of these car key issues:

  • Lost car keys
  • Broken car keys
  • Lock-outs
  • Stolen car keys
  • Keys stuck in the ignition
  • Car key malfunction

No matter the problem, we can fix it!

Give Galmier Locksmiths a call today about partnering up. Call 0407 022 234 today or contact us here to find out how we can help you!