Our cars are one of our most important possessions. So much of our lives and work revolve around our vehicles that any problem is automatically an emergency!

It’s no surprise that whenever something is wrong with our cars, we automatically reach out to our trusty local mechanic.

So, on behalf of car owners everywhere, we’d like to thank you for getting us back on the road!

As an auto mechanic, we’re sure you get a whole range of different jobs, from the routine oil changes to the weird and wacky. One common problem your customers
might come to you for is lock problems.

commercial auto locksmith for mechanic

You trained on engines and car components. Anything car-related, you can fix. But keys? Now that’s a different story altogether!

If fixing a car’s locks go a bit beyond your scope as a mechanic or auto electrician, it might be a good idea to partner up with a commercial auto locksmith
like Galmier Locksmiths for a variety of key and lock services.

What types of services does a dedicated auto locksmith offer, and how can your mechanic business benefit from teaming up with a commercial auto locksmith?


Do you need a car lock repaired or replaced?

As an auto mechanic, you’re most people’s first port of call for all car-related issues.

Sometimes, it’s for simple or plain stupid “problems”.
Other times, it’s for something you’re not fully qualified to do yourself.

Case in point: lock-related problems.

Whether you’re servicing a top-of-the-line luxury model with the latest in locking technology or an old model that still relies on the traditional lock system, we strongly recommend reaching out to a licensed
and qualified automotive locksmith if you run into
any unexpected issues.

Say a customer comes in with an ignition that won’t turn or start the engine half the time.

Or perhaps a customer has recently been in a side-on collision and their car has well and truly suffered some damage.

In either case, it’s not unthinkable that you might need to look at the car’s locks at some point, and make a call: do you repair or replace the damaged
lock entirely?

And how do you go about doing that?

An auto locksmith helps by coming in and assessing whether the lock mechanisms of the cars have been damaged… or worse, broken.

Depending on the problem, the locksmith might recommend repairing the car lock or replacing it all together.


Auto locksmith services of all shapes and sizes

In addition to repairing and replacing car door lock systems, there are numerous other services an auto locksmith can provide to your workshop.

Make sure you call a qualified auto locksmith like Galmier Locksmiths if a customer rolls in asking for help around:

  • Jammed or stuck car door lock
  • Malfunctioning car locking system
  • Transponder keys
  • Electronic keys and keyless remotes
  • Key replacements for lost or stolen keys

Partner with an auto locksmith in Melbourne

For most mechanics, car key replacement mightn’t necessarily be a service that you deal with on an everyday basis.

You can go weeks between lock problems, and they mightn’t really arise until you have damaged doors to replace or fix.

In other words, it’s not often enough to justifiably bring a dedicated locksmith onto your team – so why not partner with one and call on them only when
you need?

If you’re looking to offer lock and key services for your automotive clients, consider touching base with your local auto locksmith.

Not only do we specialise in all manner of keys and locks, but we also come to you – our mobile locksmith service is busy travelling across Melbourne’s
Bayside every day!

galmier auto locksmith melbourne

Are you a mechanic or auto electrician looking for a commercial auto locksmith?

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If lock and key issues are a common sight at your workshop, it might be a good call to add a commercial auto locksmith to your list of trusted suppliers
and partners.

Are you based in Melbourne’s Bayside area?

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