It mightn’t look like much, but modern car keys and locks are actually extremely sophisticated pieces of technology!

And we aren’t just talking about keyless entry either.

Even if your car isn’t the latest and greatest, the vast majority of keys and locks made during the last 20 years have a range of features built-in.

Needless to say, many older car keys and locks don’t have these features.

And that leads to a range of different problems…

Our auto locksmith explains.

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Problem 1: undesirables getting into your car

Your car keys are the first line of defense against would-be car thieves. Car manufacturers know this, which is why the majority of the features crammed
into your car keys are safety features.

In particular, we’re talking about transponder keys.

Modern car keys contain a tiny chip that transmits a unique code to your car lock and ignition.

Without the proper code, your car doors won’t unlock, and your ignition won’t start.

Take it from us, it’s highly unlikely anyone’s getting in without the original keys (which is why DIY lockpicking and hot-wiring don’t work any more!)

However, if you own an older car that doesn’t have these safety measures in place, you lack a crucial security measure. This puts you at a much higher
risk of having your car stolen.


Problem 2: your car keys may have a twin

Let us introduce you to Kansas woman Christine.
She and her son both own Hondas – an Accord and an Odyssey respectively.

One day, her son accidentally grabbed the wrong set of keys on the way out, taking his mum’s car keys instead.

It was only after he unlocked his car and got in that he realised his mistake.

So how was he able to still get in?

The answer is because there’s only a finite amount of different combinations for locks and keys – Honda for example has around 3,500 different combinations.

In practice, that means that there’s a good chance that your car keys have a twin out there somewhere!

And this probability only increases with your car’s age.

What many brands will do is assign older key and lock combinations to new cars. Older keys might even have multiple clones out there!

It’s totally normal to be worried. Thankfully, an auto locksmith can help by rekeying your car locks, giving you a brand-new, unique key and lock.


Problem 3: you’re vulnerable to common lockpicking techniques

One “classic” tip for unlocking a car is to stick a coat hanger into the window and fiddle around, physically lifting the locking latch.

Needless to say, older cars with older locks are susceptible to being unlocked through this method.

Luckily, your local auto locksmith can help.

In addition to working with car keys, we also provide services for car locks too.

If you’re worried about vulnerabilities with your car locks, we can replace your old lock with a newer one that’s less susceptible to these methods.


Problem 4: wear-and-tear

It isn’t just your car’s safety that’s at risk with older keys and locks – convenience is on the line too!

Just like anything else you use on a daily basis, car keys can suffer from wear and tear.

Every time you insert and turn your car keys, they incur a tiny bit of wear.

Over the years, this can manifest as issues such as:

In turn, this can cause you to become stranded!

Needless to say, this situation is worsened if you’re the type of person who jams their keys into the ignition, or is otherwise aggressive with your keys.

That’s why it always seems like a struggle to get your old car keys to fit properly in the ignition or lock.

Luckily, our car locksmith can help!


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