In 1995, the world changed.

No, we’re not talking about the release of the first Toy Story movie or Michael Jordan coming out of his retirement; rather, we’re talking about the invention of the transponder car key!

While it would take a couple of years to catch on, transponder keys have made our cars significantly safer since their invention. If you’ve bought a car in the last 20 or so years, chances are your car keys contain transponders.

And like many other objects we use in our day-to-day lives, most of us don’t really understand how they work – but today,  our auto locksmiths in Melbourne are here to explain.

Transponder car key auto locksmith

What are transponder keys?

A transponder car key is an electronically coded piece of equipment used to unlock and start a vehicle. This type of key uses radio frequency identification technology, which makes it more secure than traditional metal keys.

Transponder keys provide enhanced convenience and security for both vehicles and drivers.

Additionally, these types of keys are difficult to duplicate or forge, making them a reliable option for ensuring that your car stays safe from unauthorised users.

Is a transponder car key the same as central locking?

Believe it or not, transponders are not the automotive remote you use to unlock your car.

While they use the same underlying technology, transponder keys are not the same as remote unlocking. In fact, they’re two completely different features.

Despite how common transponders are nowadays, the belief that transponders are the same as remote unlocking is a common myth that just refuses to go

How transponder keys work

Look at your car keys. Do they have a black plastic knob covering the end? Or is it exposed metal? If it has a plastic knob, chances are it’s a transponder key.

Essentially, transponder keys are keys that contain a small microchip.

This chip sends out wireless signals to an inbuilt receptor in your car’s ignition. Only when your car receives the right signal will it unlock or
start the ignition.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where your car’s ignition won’t budge, you might be dealing with a locked steering wheel.

There are many different identifying systems that transponders use to keep your car safe, including:

  • Simple PIN systems
  • Electrical resistance
  • Mathematical algorithms

What’s the difference between transponders and flat keys?

Just like your house keys, traditional keys unlock your car using the grooves cut into the key itself. For a recap of how traditional keys work, click here to read our post about house keys.

Unlike traditional keys, transponder keys offer an additional layer of security for car owners. On top of having to make sure the grooves on the keys match up to the ignition, the transponder codes also need to match what’s been programmed into the car.

So even if a would-be car thief gets their hands on a perfect copy of your car keys, they won’t be able to start your car unless they have the proper transponder key too.

Many manufacturers lock out keys that don’t have the right transponder code, while others will trigger the alarm!

This also makes your car much less susceptible to hotwiring.

If you’ve ever wondered about the additional layer of security transponder keys provide for car owners, it’s crucial to understand their role in preventing unauthorised access and thwarting potential car theft.

Help! I’ve lost the only copy of my transponder key!

What should you do if you lose your transponder keys?

In most cases, we receive calls from distressed customers, worried particularly because they have lost their car key.

With such complicated technology, it might seem hopeless when you lose or damage your car’s only set of transponder keys.

Another issue that is one of the most frustrating experiences for a car owner is when the car doors won’t unlock despite having a functioning transponder key.

Fortunately, our automotive locksmith in Melbourne is more than qualified to cut and program your transponder keys.

Can you program a transponder key without the original?

If you find yourself in a bind, don’t stress. The good news is that a qualified auto locksmith has the tools and skills to reprogram a new car key, should you lose your only copy.

Our team of experienced auto locksmiths are fully-equipped to cut and program transponder keys on-the-spot, getting you back on the road faster!

Call Melbourne’s best auto locksmith!

Different transponder keys have their own unique quirks – some require batteries, while others can take hours without the proper equipment. And we haven’t even gotten started on the process of cutting the key itself!

When you find yourself in need of a new transponder key for your car, Galmier Locksmiths is here to help. Our skilled car locksmiths in Melbourne come to you and get you back on the road sooner. When you’ve lost or damaged your only key, our experienced locksmith is ready to provide an efficient solution.

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