The movies make it look so easy. Just jam a hairpin into the lock chamber, jiggle it around a bit et voila – you’re in!

The internet doesn’t help either. A quick Google search reveals millions of results, each promising “weird tricks” that are “guaranteed to work.”

It’s tempting to try it out for yourself. After all, you’re desperate to get back into your car and the YouTube videos make it look so easy.

So, why shouldn’t you? Our Bentleigh auto locksmith explains!

car picking

1) It’s not as simple as jamming a hairpin in there

It’s simple: car locks don’t work like most residential locks.

While the principles are the same, the details are different.

Simply put, the wafers inside a car lock are a tad more complex than the locks you’ll find in your bedroom door.

Simple tools like hairpins won’t cut it – you’ll need special auto locksmith tools if you want to get anywhere.

These customised tools are designed to work with car locks. Of course, as a specialist tool, it’s not available to any old car owner!

The only solution to to call your local auto locksmith – they’ve got not only the tools, but the experience and skill to use them properly!

locked out of your car

2) It’s easy to accidentally cause more damage when you DIY

You’re not an expert when it comes to car locks.

There’s no shame in that – however, that does mean that DIY lockpicking runs the risk of damaging your car lock.


Because whatever makeshift tool you use won’t be a 100% fit for your car’s lock. You might find yourself applying extra pressure, trying to force a reaction
when suddenly…


Applying too much force or using improper technique can cause the jiggler to snap in the ignition,
leaving you with a busted lock.

Even worse, it can damage or break the wafers and chambers inside your car lock, necessitating a total replacement.

Some cars even have this feature built-in as a final line of defence against would-be car thieves.

Needless to say, you’ll want to avoid both of these outcomes!


3) A lot of the “classic” techniques don’t work anymore

Cars are getting more complex – and that means more advanced security measures designed to defeat lockpicking attempts.

One classic car thief tactic is the coat hanger trick. The idea is that by sliding a coat hanger in the gap between your window and door, you can manipulate
the locking mechanism directly.

Fortunately for you, this trick doesn’t work anymore. This means your car is protected against robbers… and it also means you can’t rely on this
trick to get you back in following a lockout!

That’s because locks aren’t as simple as they once were. Modern car locks are almost impossible to manipulate using just a coat hanger.

Not to mention, many newer cars come with other systems, which block other lockpicking methods like auto jigglers (see above).

These security measures are designed to defeat even experienced lockpickers.

And since very few drivers have even basic knowledge of lockpicking, your odds of successfully getting back in are slim, to say the least.


4) It just looks dodgy!

Picture this: you’re just a passerby, minding their own business. You see a clearly agitated person hunched over a car door, fiddling around with hairpins
or a coat hanger. Looks suspicious, right?

Guess what, that’s exactly what you look like!

Not to mention, many techniques will also trigger your car alarm (if you have one), drawing even more attention to you.

So if you want to avoid an awkward conversation with the police, we advise steering clear of DIY lockpicking attempts.

So, what can I do instead?

The answer: call a Bentleigh auto locksmith!

So you’ve locked yourself out. You’re unsure what to do but after reading through this article, one thing’s clear: trying to pick your own lock is a bad

Luckily, you aren’t out of options – all you need to do is call a local auto locksmith who’ll come to you and get you moving again!

Your Bentleigh auto locksmith is a master of their craft – safely unlocking car locks is the very first thing we learn. In fact, if we can’t get you back in, we won’t charge!

Stranded? Give Galmier Locksmiths a call today on 0407 022 234 – we’ll get you back in your car and back on the road in
no time.