There are a lot of locksmiths kiosks and shops in Melbourne, many of whom also provide car locksmith services such as key-cutting. You also have the option
of ringing up the dealership,
or calling a tow when something happens to your all-important car keys.

If you ask us however, you should only ever call a dedicated car locksmith if you’re worried about car key and ignition-related issues.

And among the various car locksmiths in Melbourne, there’s one that stands
out: Galmier Locksmiths (that’s us!)

galmier car locksmith melbourne

1) Our car locksmiths offer competitive and reliable prices

When you’re stranded on the side of the road, your first priority is finding somebody who can come to you, wherever you’re stuck.

Almost as important however is finding somebody who’s able to offer you a competitive price!

Many “car locksmiths” are scammers who take advantage of your vulnerability to squeeze money out of your wallet. They may uncover “hidden problems” or
hike their prices.

Luckily, you won’t need to worry about this with Galmier.

We’ve seen the rise in locksmith scams over the last couple of years, and endeavour to give our customers peace-of-mind… and a superior price!

When we turn up to help you, you’ll be provided with an upfront quote. This price will remain the same, regardless of whether we uncover any other issues
when we arrive.

Find out for yourself – get a quote from us today.


2. Quality service, completed by expert car locksmiths

When you do find that you need a car locksmith…you want to make sure that you choose a locksmith who can complete the job to a high standard, lest you
spend the evening locked out and stranded.

Unlike other locksmiths, fixing issues with car keys, locks and ignitions are our specialty.

Our car locksmiths are passionate and know their stuff. In addition to cutting regular old car keys, we also:

  • Program transponders and remotes
  • Fix problems with locks
  • Unjam ignition chambers
  • Rekey your car locks


And best of all, we do all of this on-the-spot!

It doesn’t matter where you are when you find yourself in need of a car locksmith. You could be at home or at work, at a service station, or the top floor
of a multi storey car park.

Wherever you are, our car locksmith services are mobile – we’ll come to you with a solution.

You don’t need to worry about our mobile team not being able to fix your problem either. Our locksmith vans are equipped with all the technology and tools we need to fix any of your problems.


3. We offer emergency car locksmith services

Key and lock problems can happen anytime you’re on the road. Chances are though, they’re going to happen while you’re at work, getting groceries or picking
the kids up from an after-school event.

In other words, it’s going to happen after-hours, when most businesses have closed for the day!

To get around this, Galmier Locksmiths offers emergency car locksmith services throughout Melbourne’s Bayside suburbs.

You can give our team a call anytime between 9am and 10:30pm, and we’ll be there to get you unstuck. Day or night and we will arrive to get you back on
the road – that includes many weekends and public holidays too!


4. Qualified and licenced car locksmith


What are the two things you look for when you want to hire a quality tradesperson:

  1. You want someone who is qualified
  2. You want someone who is licenced


Car locksmiths are no different. After all, it’s your car we’re talking about. If something goes wrong here, you might be left without a way to get around.
As such, anyone who works on your car needs to be someone you can trust to get the job done properly.

Luckily for you, Galmier Locksmiths is both of those things!

Some of our credentials include:

  • Security Construction and Equipment Committee (SCEC) approval
  • Master Locksmith Association of Australia (MLAA) registration
  • Licensed by the Licensing Services Division of VicPol


Each of these certifications proves our expertise and skill as car locksmiths. We have to meet strict entry requirements, as well as prove our skill as
a locksmith.

However, that’s not our “killer” selling point…


5. We offer unbeatable customer service

The Galmier name is built on fantastic customer service. Since we first opened shop in 2005, our car locksmiths have been providing stranded motorists
with some of the best customer service in Melbourne.

You don’t just have to take our word for it, either – just take a look at our reviews!

One accolade we’re especially proud of is our eight consecutive WOMO Customer Service Awards!

These awards are designed to help connect people like you to fantastic, trustworthy businesses (such as Galmeir Locksmiths, for example). To win one of
these prestigious awards, businesses have to run the gauntlet:

  • Receive a minimum number of 4 or 5-star reviews
  • Have at least 90% positive reviews
  • Have a clean record, with no unscrupulous or dodgy behaviour


Only 5% of businesses on WOMO meet all of these criteria, making Galmier Locksmiths a member of an exclusive club. In fact, we’re one of only 3 locksmiths
in Victoria to make the list!

With other car locksmiths in Melbourne, it’s a shot in the dark what sort of customer service you’ll receive. They could be great; or, they could be rude
and difficult to work with.

Luckily, you won’t need to worry about this with Galmier Locksmiths!

Need a car locksmith in Melbourne that ticks all the boxes?

galmier auto locksmith melbourne

Save our number in your phone today – 0407 022 234

Stranded? Are your keys no longer working? If you need a car locksmith, you need Galmier Locksmiths!

The last thing we want is for you to miss out on your important engagements because something goes wrong with your locks, ignition or car keys. That’s
why we’re in this business in the first place!

Our residential and car locksmiths service all of Melbourne’s south-east.

  • Armadale
  • Bentleigh
  • Brighton
  • Cheltenham
  • Malvern
  • Moorabin
  • Oakleigh
  • Prahran
  • South Yarra
  • St Kilda
  • Toorak


If you need an auto locksmith, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. You can call us
anytime on 0407 022 234. Better yet, bookmark our number – you never know when you might need it!