Decades ago, your auto locksmith would respond to key and lock emergencies with naught more than a file and set of picks.

Nowadays however, cars have gotten a lot more complex – and so has the art of locksmithing!

Today’s auto locksmith travels around in a van, filled to the brim with specialty tools, gadgets, and equipment essential to helping stranded motorists
just like you get back on the road.

Make no mistake: without these tools, we wouldn’t be able to provide you with the on-the-spot auto locksmith service that we’re known for!

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Good old-fashioned hand tools

How many times have you done something silly if you’re half-asleep or simply not thinking, like throwing the chocolate bar in the bin and taking a bite
out of the wrapper?

We’ve all had our senior moments, and odds are many of us will have many more in the coming years. For many of us, those moments may involve our car keys.

Thanks to blunders like these, the most common job your Cheltenham auto locksmith gets called out to are lockouts.
When we get these calls, our focus is on getting you back into your vehicle safely, quickly, and without damage.

To do that, we use a wide range of hand tools to open your car.

The key hand tools here are picks and key jiggers, pieces of metal that replicate the function of keys. We slide these into your lock to physically manipulate
the pins in your lock until they give way.

Your auto locksmith carries around a wide range of picks and jiggers in a variety of shapes and sizes. The reason? Car keys are a lot more complicated
nowadays – the old coat hanger trick simply won’t work in modern cars.

On top of jiggers, your auto locksmith also carries around tools to deal with broken key fragments, as well as door wedges and staple tools like Allen
keys and screwdrivers.


A trusty computer

What does a Cheltenham auto locksmith need a computer for? A lot, actually!

Don’t worry, we aren’t using it to watch cat videos – to do our jobs properly, we need a lot of information on:

This information is crucial to many locksmithing jobs. However, keeping these the old-fashioned way would easily take up half the van, leaving no space
for the tools of the trade. Not to mention, it’d just be a pain to navigate too!

Nowadays however, many don’t even use a computer, instead keeping all the important information on a handy little tablet instead.


Key-cutting machines: where the magic happens

Just like the name suggests, your Cheltenham auto locksmith uses key-cutting machines to – what else? – cut keys.

This is where the magic happens.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer on-the-spot fixes – and you can thank these machines for that. What once could have taken up to an hour with
a hand file can now be done in a matter of minutes.

So if you lose your car keys at any point, we’ve got the tools – and skills! – to get you back on the road.


Speaking of key blanks…

When cutting you a new key, your auto locksmith needs somewhere to start!

Luckily, we carry around a huge range of key blanks in all shapes and sizes. Different vehicles may have different style of key depending on its age and
manufacturer – and we can cut keys that perfectly fit your car, no matter what make or model you drive.

On top of key blanks, we also supply car remotes.


Transponder machines

“A transponder machine? What does that do?”

I find that this is the piece of machinery that draws the most blank looks, which is interesting since virtually every car nowadays comes with a transponder key.

This transponder is built into your key and talks to the lock or ignition. If your car doesn’t accept the transponder, it won’t unlock or start.

Enter, transponder machines.

Using these speciality machines, your auto locksmith in Cheltenham can clone and program transponder keys for you.

And with transponders coming standard on all new-built cars, this piece of machinery is fast becoming mandatory for automotive locksmiths everywhere.

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Stranded? Call a Cheltenham auto locksmith!

So now you know what your automotive locksmith carries in their van.

And now that you know they have everything needed to get you back on the road, you’ll be a bit more willing to give them a call.

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