As a rule of thumb, we believe that your local auto locksmith should be the first number you should call for any car key, ignition and lock-related problems.

And we aren’t just saying that because it’s our line of business either!

There are plenty of concrete, tangible reasons to opt
for your local auto locksmith. One of the biggest is that we’re often able to offer the exact same service for much better value.

How are we able to offer that?

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Firstly: what makes an auto locksmith so much cheaper?

There are plenty of reasons to take your car to a dealership. For example, major services are best performed at the dealership, as they possess the knowledge
specific to your vehicle, as well as the appropriate parts.

However, if you’re experiencing car key, lock and ignition problems, it’s a better idea to touch base with a local auto locksmith instead.

The reason? Your local auto locksmith deals with far fewer overhead expenses.

Obviously, we don’t sell cars, which eliminates the biggest expense a dealership needs to cover. Your local auto locksmith doesn’t have to pay sales commission,
nor do we pay rent for a huge showroom, or run a fully-fledged mechanic’s shop either.

In fact, asides from the petrol we use up driving from job to job (and the occasional long black to keep us alert), your local auto locksmith doesn’t really
have all that much in the way of ongoing expenses to cover.

No, once we’ve registered as a business and bought the necessary equipment and stocked our van, we’re ready to get to work.

And that means you get to enjoy lower, more affordable quotes.


Price isn’t the only reason you should choose a dedicated auto locksmith

Odds are whenever you run into car key, ignition or lock trouble, you aren’t at home. Rather, you’re probably coming home from work, on a shopping trip
or visiting friends.

And in most of these cases, you’ll want to get back on the road so you can head home. The last thing you’ll want is to wait around!

Unfortunately, the dealership can’t offer service this quickly. This isn’t intended as an insult towards dealerships – it’s just not one of the services
they offer.

However, it’s a service your local auto locksmith does.

In addition to saving money, auto locksmithing services also save you time. And as you know, time is money!


When should you call your dealership instead?

While your local auto locksmith might be a master of all things key, lock and ignition-related, there are a handful of problems that we can’t help you

There are certain rare instances where ignition problems have nothing to do with the key or ignition themselves, but the electrical connections that connect
your ignition to the engine.

These parts go beyond your auto locksmith’s expertise, and need a dedicated mechanic.

Other than that however, your auto locksmith is a solid bet, even for cases when you’ve lost the original key!

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Galmier Locksmiths: your local auto locksmith

With a service area that covers the entirety of Bayside and south-east Melbourne, we’re the team to call.

Galmier Locksmiths offers comprehensive service for all matters relating to car keys, ignitions and locks, including:

  • Cutting new keys (without the original, if needed)
  • Programming transponders and remotes
  • Opening locked car doors
  • Removing stuck or broken keys
  • Rekeying ignition chambers

The last thing you want when stranded in the middle of nowhere without car keys is to pay an extortionate price just to get back on the road.

Luckily, with your local auto locksmith, you won’t have to.

Save our phone number today – that’s 0407 022 234 – you never know when you might need it!