The question of security becomes even more paramount in a commercial environment, where there are many different people entering and leaving particular rooms, offices, residences, and buildings.

A solution that helps increase control, while still maintaining security in a commercial (or residential) space is a master key system.

From simple solutions to more complex strategies, a master key system can be tailored to meet your exact needs. Read on to find out how a commercial locksmith in Melbourne like Galmier can create a master key system for your business.

master key system in an office

Benefits of master key systems

The overarching benefit of master key systems boils down to the combination of security and convenience.

With various ‘levels’ of keys (more info below) you can have precise control over who has access to what rooms, departments, cabinets, lockers, facilities, or areas in a property.

Further benefits of a master key system include:

  • Various degrees of control
  • A single key can be used across multiple points of entry
  • Specific and targeted limits for various individuals


‘Levels’ of a master key system

There are many different names for the many different degrees of master keys, but your commercial locksmith will be able to create a unique solution akin to your needs.

Below we give a general overview of some keys that make up a master key system.

Master key

Also known as the Grand Master Key (no, that’s not a rapper alias), this is the principal key that controls all the locks in a single master key system. This is the key that can unlock all locks in a building.

Sub-master keys

These can be handed out to various levels of seniority in a dwelling to ensure each person has access to only their applicable or relevant spaces.

Maintenance keys

These keys are a step lower than a sub-master key and are great for maintenance managers or staff who require access to specific areas like store rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and more. They are particularly useful for after-hours work.


Who should use a master key system?

Apartment complex landlords / agents

Having a single key for a multitude of residences and rooms in a single dwelling saves the inconvenience of lugging around a heap of different keys.

Maintenance and cleaning services

Rather than handing out a number of keys for a number of separate spaces, a master key system specifically for maintenance or cleaning staff means one key is all they need to complete their job.

This is particularly useful in hotels, lodges, and other holiday rentals where staff are constantly entering various rooms.

Managers, owners, and directors

Especially beneficial for single dwellings that house multiple companies, a master key system can be broken down into specific segments that restricts those from Company A entering spaces reserved solely for people from Company B.

Security guards

A master key system removes the inconvenience of security personnel switching between various keys in their important line of work. Depending on the specifications around their job, a master key can control an entire building or be broken down and keys distributed to personnel for specific areas.

The below diagram shows how a master key system can be broken down to suit various levels of access within a single building.

master key system diagram

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What types of buildings or properties benefit from master keys?

A tailored master key system is ideal for these kinds of properties:

  • Apartment blocks
  • Hotels
  • Retail stores
  • Offices
  • Schools


Safety and security from Galmier Locksmiths, Melbourne

While master key systems offer a high degree of convenience, it’s also important to keep all visitors, residents, and employees safe and secure.

We advise that only a limited number of people have access to a master key system, which each individual person (say, a guest in a hotel) has their own key that provides them access only to the area they’re responsible for.

Code of ethics

Further, Galmier Locksmiths, Melbourne, is a member of the Master Locksmiths Association of Australia (MLAA).

That means we’re bound by a strict code of ethics and code of conduct that protects you and your commercial property.

If you’d like more info on a master key system for your property or want to organise a site inspection, please be in touch today! Call Alex now on 0407 022 234 or request a call and I’ll be in touch!

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