There’s nothing quite as scary as a break-in or robbery. For business owners and managers, a break-in to a retail store or office is a frightening experience, and besides the safety of your employees, you want to prevent burglary as much as you can to protect your products.

There are a few ways you can beef up safety and security of your commercial dwelling, whether it’s a private office building or a retail store along a local shopping strip. Either way, your assets and employees are valuable, and we hope these tips will help you when it comes to robbery and invasion prevention.

Many businesses, especially small businesses, simply struggle to afford a security system and the ongoing 24/7 monitoring that comes with it. But there are other ways to secure a building, with a little help from your commercial locksmith.

We’re sharing some of our favourite business security tips to keep your store, office, or other commercial dwelling secure!

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Master keys

A master key is a helpful tool for a business owner or manager as it allows them to use one single key to unlock a multitude of doors within one building. This might be a variety of offices, meeting rooms or storage rooms; or the back door, front door, and security shutters in a clothing store.

Master keys can exist across various levels, for example, the primary master key can be used for all doors in a building, while secondary master keys work well if more than two companies occupy office space in a single building. Company A’s General Manager can have a secondary master key for the entrance as well as offices 1-5 while Company B’s has the same but for offices 6-10.


Keys for contracted staff (like cleaners)

Especially for a larger business, it’s inevitable that you will need to provide keys to various contractors (like a cleaner, who might only come once a fortnight outside of normal business hours)

These people of course still need a way in, but it’s important that you duplicate as few keys as possible, and keep a record of all keys cut.

Further, never put an address or office number on a key tag: if it gets lost and falls into the wrong hands, you’re giving away your location and the key to get in!


Digital (or electronic) locks

As technology has improved, digital door locks have soared in popularity for businesses (and even in homes!)

A digital door lock eliminates the need for keys; instead, a code, PIN, or entry card is used to unlock a door and enter or exit a building. The great benefit of digital locks is that a door will automatically lock once you have entered or left a room – no more panics that you mightn’t have locked the backdoor!


Window locks

A would-be thief is looking for the simplest way possible to invade a building, and windows on upper floors probably aren’t there first choice as their point-of-entry.

But down on the lower levels, poorly secured windows can be the quick gateway a thief is looking for. Slow them down with secure window locks. (Also, keep the areas around windows free from overgrown plants or bushes – thieves love hiding there!)


Security tips for retail stores

Retail stores are vulnerable to robberies because their merchandise is right there in the store with them. So how can you create a safer working environment for your employees?

1) Display cases

These are a perfect way to keep products secure while still promoting them to visiting customers, but when they workday is done, they’re also a indication to would-be thieves of the type of merchandise you have. Cover display cases and ensure they are out of side when your store is closed.

2) Safes

A security safe keeps good and cash protected not only from petty thieves, but other disasters that could happen when you’re not at your store, including fire or flooding.

3) Cash

Leave as little cash on the premises overnight, and if you must leave it, ensure it’s stowed in a secure safe or vault.


Quick tips for business owners or managers

  • Keep a record of the number of keys cut and who has a copy
  • Advise all staff to keep keys safe to prevent the danger of duplication
  • Consider changing the locks if a member of staff leaves your company without returning their key
  • Do not distribute keys with tags displaying your store or office address
  • Consider digital locks to eliminate the need for keys in your workplace
  • Talk with surrounding stores to identify any suspicious behaviour
  • Replace weak locks as soon as possible

If you’re a business owner or manager seeking a commercial locksmith to improve the safety of your office space, call Galmier today.

We’ll be happy to assess your current situation and offer advice to better safeguard your workplace. Get in touch here or call me now: 0407 022 234

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