The Master locksmith badge is a big deal. If you ask us, you should ONLY entrust your car (and its keys) to a Master locksmith.

But what exactly does a Master locksmith do? And what makes them different from a “run-of-the-mill” locksmith?

This week, our auto locksmith introduces you to the Master Locksmiths Association of Australia, and explains the additional licences and training a Master
locksmith obtains beyond regular locksmith training.

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Introducing the MLAA

Before we explain what a Master locksmith is, we need to start by introducing the body that’s responsible for the certification of Master locksmiths.

Operating since 1967, the Master Locksmiths Association of Australasia is the peak body for the locksmithing

Initially operating out of NSW, nowadays the MLAA represents locksmiths all over Australia and New Zealand.

As the peak industry body, it has several responsibilities:

  • Setting industry-wide standards
  • Providing networking and training opportunities
  • Helping devise training courses
  • Representing the industry with governing bodies

Today, we’re going to be focusing on its members: Master locksmiths.


Why choose a Master locksmith?

The security industry (locksmiths included) aren’t as heavily-regulated by by the government as other trades.

To operate as a locksmith in Victoria, you need:

  1. A Certificate III in Locksmithing
  2. A completed apprenticeship

Compare that to plumbers and electricians, who also must apply for a VBA license before they’re allowed to apply their trade.

As you can imagine, there’s a lot of variation in a locksmith’s skills – which is exactly why the title of Master locksmith was created.

So what does a Master locksmith bring to the table, that your everyday locksmith cannot?


You’ll be served by someone you can trust

You don’t just apply to become a Master locksmith – the application process requires:

  • Proof of training/qualification
  • Public liability insurance
  • Professional references
  • Security license (both business and personal)
  • Police and background checks

While it makes it harder for us to receive our certification, what this means for you is that when you call a Master locksmith, you’re getting someone
who genuinely knows their stuff!

Additionally, Master locksmiths also adhere to a strict code of professional ethics.
A single violation may be enough to have our membership revoked entirely.


We’re up-to-date

One of the perks of being a Master locksmith on our end? We often get discounts and passes to training courses and workshops that cover the latest in locks
and car keys.

This means that we’re completely up-to-date on even the most recent developments such as smart keys and electronic locking.

We love keeping up with the latest technology and refining, improving, and broadening our skillset.


We know our stuff

It’s not just the latest developments in locksmithing either – during the application process, we’re required to submit proof of training. In many cases,
we may also be required to pass an entrance exam that tests our theoretical and even practical knowledge.

Additionally, certain products are restricted solely to Master locksmiths.
If you want such security measures installed in your vehicle, a Master is your only option!

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It’s simple: their card will have the Master locksmith badge on it.

While small, this logo should fill you with confidence – only bonafide Master locksmiths are allowed to advertise as such… Masters just like Galmier

As a member of the MLAA, you can trust our auto locksmiths with your vehicle. You
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