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Our phones are thousands of times more powerful than the computers behind the moon landing – even our refrigerators are getting online.

So it was only a matter of time before these technological innovations spread to the humble car key!

Just like everything else in our lives, car keys are advancing at a rapid pace. Even today, they’re much more than just pieces of metal, with transponder
chips keeping your car safer.

Make no mistake, modern car keys are much more than just pieces of metal – and with the pace technology is moving, your next set of car keys might be completely


1. How keyless entry is changing the game

Using RFID (radio-frequency identification) technology – the same stuff that powers credit card readers and Myki – keyless entry eliminates the need for
a physical key.

Instead, you’ll be given a small fob with a tiny radio chip.

This chip emits a unique code.

Once your car’s onboard computer detects this code (within a certain distance, of course), it automatically disengages your locks, allowing you to enter
and start your vehicle without having to fiddle with your keys.

This particular technology has already found its way into luxury cars, so it’s only a matter of time before it becomes a standard feature in most car makes.

This isn’t all that far-off either – our Oakleigh auto locksmith is already seeing many of these innovations on Melbourne’s roads.

So what new features can we expect to see in your car keys in the coming years?


2. Biometrics – not just a sci-fi trope anymore!

According to Fujitsu, biometric authentication could soon become the standard for unlocking and driving cars.

Tech such facial recognition and fingerprint scanners may sound like something out of a cheesy spy or superhero movie – but these features are already
available in many smartphones made in the last two or three years.

So it isn’t too much of a stretch to imagine this type of protection popping up in your car too!

While car keys can be duplicated, your fingerprints and faces are 100% unique – logically, this should be the most secure way of keeping undesirables out
of your car.

Many high-end car brands are already on the case,
creating prototype entry fobs the size of a smartwatch with built-in fingerprint scanners.

In addition to unlocking your car and starting it, these fobs also give you complete remote control over your audio system, in-built GPS and more.


3. You might be able to unlock your car with your smartphone soon

It’s hard to believe that smartphones have only been around for a decade or so – it’s even harder to remember a time without them!

Our smartphones are so much more than just phones – they’re calculators, internet browsers, mini-TVs and more, all rolled into one.

And if Car Connectivity Consortium has its way, they may very well end up
replacing our car keys!

Industry groups are working with car manufacturers to turn digital keys into a reality.

Using a secure app, you’ll be able to unlock your car with nothing more than a couple taps of your phone screen.

Not only that, but these apps also allow you to grant access to anybody else who has the app installed on their phone.

If you share your car or need to lend your car out, all you’ll have to do is grant permission to that person’s smartphone – no need to worry about spare
keys and whatnot!

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Are the car key’s days numbered?

With advances such as these, you’d be forgiven for assuming that physical keys will soon be relegated to the scrap heap alongside Yellow Pages, VHS and
cheque books.

While it may look like their days are numbered however, if you ask us, the humble car key will never truly go away!

The thing with technology is that it doesn’t always work:

  • Batteries can die
  • Software glitches may leave you locked out
  • You may experience dead spots


Car manufacturers understand this, which is why even the manufacturers that are leading the charge in unlocking technology are still providing backup keys,
just in case.

Even as new technology makes its way into new vehicles, you can still expect to receive a backup key.

And that trend doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon!


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