“Where are my car keys?” you nonchalantly mutter to yourself. 

“Did I lose them at work? I drove home today; of course I didn’t! That means they’ve got to be in the house. But they’re not!” 

You feel frustration and anger mount as you struggle to remember where those pesky keys may be.

Suddenly, you can’t find them and as frustration turns into worry, you enter into ‘panic mode’.

lost car keys

I’ve lost my car key… and I have no spare

The good news is that today’s key cutting technology has progressed a lot, and as a mobile locksmith in Melbourne, Galmier Locksmiths has exclusive technology that allows us to copy most models on the market – even luxury ones such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes.

While you might be kicking yourself as you realise you really should have organised a second set of car keys, rest assured that help is on the way! Galmier Locksmiths will come to you (of course, how else would you get your car – with no keys – somewhere else?!) 

On the spot and using high-tech equipment in our van, we can cut and reprogram a new set of keys. 

Keys are stuck in the ignition!

If your key is stuck in the lock or ignition, you might be tempted to try the old coat hanger or screwdriver trick. 

But before you go absentmindedly trying to pry the keys out of the lock – risking further damage – consider calling an auto locksmith. They will be able to remove your keys safely from your car, van, or truck. Then, they’ll cut and program a key on-site.

Locked my keys in the car

Avoid the temptation to do it yourself

Simply Google “how to unlock a car” and you’re provided thousands of methods, but there are two important things to keep in mind when you read these articles or watch these kinds of videos:

  • They are normally working on old vehicles with weaker locking mechanisms. Today’s cars (combined with today’s technology) make it much harder – thankfully – for these little tricks to actually work.
  • These tricks can easily cause damage or maladjustment to your vehicle. These days, tricks like these tricks seldom work, and in addition to not actually solving the problem, additional damage may be costly. (It may void any insurance you try to claim, too.)

So what should you do? First, stay calm. Yes, we know, it’s easier said than done, but a rational mind will help you make better, quicker, and more effective decisions…

Your other alternative that waste time and money: call the car dealer

This is often people’s first thought, so our goal is to ensure people know that there is a better (and faster) solution: calling an auto locksmith! 

Many dealers require you to get the car to them (have fun doing that without a key!) and can take several weeks to replace your keys – and often at a higher cost.

Not only can we cut keys for popular car models like Hyundai and Mazda or Toyota and Holden, we can also cut and program keys for more high-end and luxury brands, including Lexus, BMW, and Mercedes. 

Find a reliable auto locksmith you can trust!

In the case that you find yourself in the unfortunate scenario illustrated above, we implore you to save our number in your phone. 

Call Alex at Galmier locksmiths on 0407 022 234 if you need to get back into your car or require a new set of keys. Contact me if you have any questions.