Eager to get back on the road after you’ve lost your car keys?

Galmier Locksmiths are auto locksmiths in Melbourne that can get you moving fast, whether you’re stuck in a shopping centre, at work, or right outside your front door!

It takes specialised technology to make copies of keys for a vehicle, and nobody does it better than a qualified auto locksmith.

Learn of all the car keys we see on a daily basis below, and give us a call today!

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Can a locksmith make a key for a car ignition?

Are you trying to find a replacement for a lost key? Or are you wanting to make another copy of your car key?

Auto locksmiths are qualified and trained to produce car key copies for your automobile, including Toyota car key replacements and Holden car key replacements.

An auto locksmith is usually the fastest and most cost-effective option when it comes to getting your car keys back.

While your dealership might be the first place you think of, they may take longer and charge higher fees, and perhaps most pressing of all, require you to get your car to them – and a tow truck service doesn’t come cheap!

Remember not all locksmiths are auto locksmiths, so be sure to choose a qualified car locksmith to help you out with all your car key needs!

How does a locksmith make a key for a vehicle?

Galmier’s car locksmiths in Melbourne use laser cutting to hollow out perforations on your car keys.

We also manufacture electronic car keys using a computer copying system.

How long does it take a locksmith to make a car key?

Auto locksmiths can make a car key on the spot for you, and our mobile service means that we can come to you when you need it most.

Can a locksmith make a key without the original?


Galmier Locksmiths can travel to your location within Melbourne’s South East when you’ve lost your key and cut a new one – even when you don’t have the original.

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What type of keys do auto locksmiths make?

Galmier’s car key locksmiths can create most types of keys for cars, from the most popular makes and models, including some luxury brands.

Explore some of the types of keys we can recreate for you.

Original transponder keys

Does your car key look like a traditional key but with a plastic head?

There is actually a circuit built into this plastic head that further secures the key with the vehicle.

There are only so many grooves and patterns keys can have to differentiate from one another.

Having a transponder key mitigates the potential for somebody to hotwire your car since there’s an additional barrier.

Although first invented in North America in 1919, Australia created a law in 2001 stating that all cars sold have to use transponder keys.

Key remotes

The step-up from transponders is key remotes. Key remotes are a type of transponder key that use additional remote control technology.

These keys allow users to unlock and lock their car doors, as well as open their boot by using their key as a remote control.

Emerging in the 1990s, today these keys trigger your car to lock and unlock on its own depending on the proximity of the key.

Fob or smart keys

Smart keys are the most popular keys we cut today.

These keys were considered revolutionary 15 years ago because not only can you open and close your vehicle doors by clicking a button on your door handle, touching the handle, or walking away from the car, but you can also start your engine without having to put the key in the ignition at all!

What other keys do Galmier cut?

Here are some other features your car keys might have that our car locksmiths in St Kilda can replicate.

Perforations in the middle instead of the edges

Many modern car keys have grooves in the centre of the key instead of on their side.

This makes it more difficult for thieves to try and cut your key themselves.

Galmier auto locksmiths can cut keys with grooves anywhere as we have innovative technology for these intricate key types.

Switchblade keys

Switchblade keys or flip keys have a traditional key concealed in the fob, which can spring out with a click of a button.

A lot of smart key owners don’t realise that their fobs contain traditional keys inside them.

Switchblade keys can get used if your key battery is dead and you want to get something inside your car while waiting for the auto locksmith to arrive.


Where can I get a new car key?

Galmier’s car key locksmiths in Melbourne are ready to help!

Need a new car key fast? Galmier Locksmiths can cut you a new key if:

  • You broke your key
  • Your key has stopped working
  • You’ve lost your car key
  • Your key has been stolen

Galmier also provides car key services for some popular luxury brands, including BMW key replacements in Melbourne.

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