Is it still possible to open your car door even without a car key? In many cases, yes.

The problem is you might not be able to do it properly on your own, and not without some damage, either!

There are many ways you can open your car door – however, nothing beats the expertise of your local automotive locksmith in Malvern.

Of course, accidentally locking yourself out can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially if you’re on a timetable and you need to be somewhere. Some of us might even get desperate, and resort to one of the following methods to get back in.

Unfortunately, using these tricks often doesn’t work anymore, and can even result in major problems further down the line!

Thinking of attempting one of the following? If you want our advice, it just isn’t worth it – best call a professional instead.

Man Forgot His Key Inside Locked Car

What if you lose your car keys and don’t have a spare? Mistakes car owners make when they lock themselves out

Getting locked out of your car can happen to anyone.

Maybe you had a late night, and your brain’s a bit of a fog. Perhaps you just weren’t paying attention. And maybe you accidentally closed your car door, leaving your keys inside.

It happens to the best of us, don’t worry!

Your only priority in these situations is to get back on the road, ASAP. Unfortunately, the quick and easy way can often result in disaster, potentially putting your car in danger as well.

The best thing you can do in these situations is to call a certified automotive locksmith in Cheltenham who will get you back on the road without you damaging your car in the process.

Leave it to the experts and avoid the temptation to take drastic measures that you’ll later end up regretting, such as…

Mistake #1: DIY unlocking your car door and windows

You’ve heard of the coat hanger technique. Perhaps you’ve got some hairpins or paperclips on hand, and you want to try opening your car yourself – after all, it works so well in the movies, right?

Unfortunately, breaking inside your car using a wooden wedge, coat hanger or a metal rod on the instructions of a YouTube video can cause damage to your car.

Not to mention, there’s also the issue that a lot of these DIY solutions only work with older car models, with manufacturers devising methods to stop them from working in modern car types and models.

Gone are the days when you could insert something into the window lock and fiddle around until you found the lock latch. Nowadays, doing so can make matters worse, without getting you back into your car either – talk about a waste of effort.

Mistake #2: Using lock-picking solutions

Whether you’ve lost your car key, locked out of your car or even got your car keys stolen, you’re probably tempted to try using lock-picking tools.

But do you know how to use these lock-picking tools?

If you know how to use these lock picks, then lucky for you. But if it’s your first time don’t expect to find success.

What’s more, you also run the risk of scratching or damage to your car lock in your mission to avoid calling a locked out car locksmith.

Not to mention, it just looks suspicious, and you’re liable to draw a lot of unwanted attention if you try this!

Mistake #3: Breaking the window

If you’re locked out of your car, and you can’t seem to get your car key inside, don’t try to break your window and think that you’ll just get a new car window afterwards.

Really, we shouldn’t have to say this!

While smashing a window might be the most direct method, it comes with some pretty killer problems.

For instance, you’ll have to cover the cost of getting your windows replaced – moreover, you’ll also need to contend with all the tiny shards of glass left behind, especially if you still need to drive afterwards. It’s just plain unsafe!

Not only that, but there’s also the high risk of injury. Glass is incredibly sharp, and can pose a major risk if you try smashing your window. Not to mention, automotive glass is a lot stronger than the movies make it out to be, making it easy to overexert and injure yourself in the process.

And finally, there’s the fact that your auto insurance company won’t cover the damage as it is intentionally done.

Luckily, most people recognise that this is a very bad idea.

For the handful of people who are still thinking about it however, we have one piece of advice: don’t!

The worst mistake of all: forgetting there’s an emergency auto locksmith

Really, you’d be surprised by how many people don’t seem to realise that we exist!

Each of these mistakes can be really bad – and almost all the time, they arise because motorists forget that professional help isn’t far away.

Save time and get back on the road quickly with the help of an emergency auto locksmith.

Trust us, this is the wisest, safest and easiest way to get inside your car when you are locked out.

Our locksmiths are mobile, meaning that we come to you. Wherever you are across Bayside, our team can come to you and provide on-the-spot locksmithing services, including unlocking your car and retrieving your keys.

Can you bypass the transponder key?


A licensed and reliable automotive locksmith near you can bypass your car’s security measures and get you back in – and that includes transponder keys.

After all, if we can program these types of keys, then it’s a breeze to bypass them as well!

Auto locksmiths have years of experience opening car doors even without access to the original car keys.

As such, we have a variety of tried-and-tested methods to get around transponders (and get you back on the road).

How much does it cost for a car locksmith?

Unfortunately, we can’t give you a number since the cost will vary depending on the nature of the job, as well as the car brand and how complicated its lock is.

That having been said, what we can promise you is transparent, up-front pricing!

We understand that there are some shady operators in the industry. You’ve probably heard of their type: they’ll rock up to a job, offer a low price to reel you in and then hit you with a higher fee because of an “unexpected problem” they ran into along the way.

Avoid these car key mistakes with the help of a licensed auto locksmith!

Instead of stressing yourself with DIY and lock-picking solutions that don’t offer any guarantee, make sure that you trust a licensed and reliable auto locksmith when you don’t know how to get inside your car without any car keys.

Our team at Galmier Locksmiths provides you with efficient, trustworthy auto locksmith services whenever you need:

  • A duplicate car key
  • A replacement car key for a damaged key
  • Your car unlocked
  • Lock and ignition repairs
  • Transponder key programming

Our emergency auto locksmiths service Melbourne’s southeast from St Kilda to Seaford and anywhere in between.

Galmier Locksmiths also offer after-hours service up to 10pm on weekdays, as well as weekends and public holidays.

You can rely on us to help you – all you need to do is save our number (that’s 0407 022 234) for your future locksmithing emergencies. Alternatively, reach out to us online if you’ve got any questions.