Stage one: did I just lose my car key?

Picture it.

It’s Monday morning, and you’re scurrying around the house trying to get out the door on time, but that one thing stopping you is that darn car key. Where on earth is it? Cue frustrating grunts.

Or perhaps it’s Wednesday night drinks with the girls. You’re designated driver tonight, but uh-oh… where’s your keychain? Now you have to go back and check the two bars and one restaurant you frequented throughout the night in the hopes that a good Samaritan has handed in your key.

Maybe (and we hope this one remains as simply a part of our story, and not reality) you’ve been the victim of theft, where your handbag was stolen, and as a result, your keys – not to mention your wallet and a lot of other personal belongings – went with it too.

(If this has happened to you, we recommend you read this important blog post about what to do when your wallet and keys are stolen.)


Stage two: cue many swear words

There are many ways you can misplace your car key. Either way, it’s frustrating, infuriating, and exasperating! We’re sure a whole lot of bad words have passed through your mouth as you try to recount each detail of the past few minutes and hours, trying to locate that key.

Once you admit to yourself that yes indeed, your car key is lost, you begin to panic, wondering what on earth you should do next.


Stage three: what do I do?!

Stage three, option one: car dealership

Your first thought might jump to your car dealership. Your car is only a few years old, and gee that salesman was lovely. Was his name Matt or Mark? Either way, he promised you a ton of benefits and features once you signed on the dotted line. “Key cutting wasn’t one of them though, was it? Do car dealerships even do that?”

You take a moment to ponder.

We’ll interrupt your thoughts with this: to take advantage of a car dealership’s key cutting service, you’ll actually need to get your car to your dealer. Ah yep, how are you going to do that when the whole purpose of this tale is to get a car key that you currently do not have?

Further, their service can take days – who has time for that?

Stage three, option two: car locksmith

“Car locksmith”, you say?

Well, that title kind of says it all; it sounds like the exact service you need! Galmier is a car locksmith operating in Melbourne’s Bayside and CBD, helping people like you get back into their cars – promptly. And of course we are a mobile service, so wherever you are, we will get there!

Our specialised van is equipped with the latest high-tech gear which allows us to cut and program a key on the spot. We work with many popular makes, including Ford, Toyota, Mazda, VW, and Audi.

Watch the cute video above (made by my creative son!) to get an idea of the type of scenario in which Galmier can help you out. Contact me now if you need a rapid car locksmith service, or call 0407 022 234.