Lost car keys? Broken or stolen keys?

You’re probably outside your car wondering how you can go back on the road fast and without damage?

Not having car keys when you need to get to your next destination can be very frustrating.

So, is it still possible to start your car even without a car key in the ignition?

Depending on your car model, you might do some serious damage when it comes to igniting it yourself.

So what’s the best thing to do when you’re caught with a car key emergency? Call a reliable car locksmith who can make a replacement car key – even without the original one!

How do you start a car without keys?

You may think that when it comes to your car, it’s worth trying to ignite it yourself.

When you have lost, broken, or stolen car keys, you might be so desperate that you try starting your car in any possible way, without thinking about the damage you could cause.

But before doing anything that you’ll regret, it’s best to call an auto locksmith instead. In the meantime, there are a few tips we think you’ll want to follow…

Avoid “hot-wiring”

You might think that “hot-wiring” can be done in just a few simple steps, especially when you’re desperately trying to get your car going again if you’re stuck without a key.

When you’re hot-wiring, you bypass your vehicle motor ignition switch. The goal is to generate an electrical circuit to make the car work.

Screwdrivers are usually used because they remove the steering column cover to access the panels until you see wires of your ignition system. Car owners who know this would probably focus on the wire of the ignition and battery to start the vehicle.

Expert auto locksmiths suggest you avoid tactics like hot-wiring as they can put you at risk of injury. Doing so can also even start a fire. As you can imagine, this tactic may only work on older cars, and can also cause considerable damage.

Putting your car in neutral mode

Can you put a car in neutral without the key?

Most people don’t know how to put a car into neutral without a key.

However, you may be able to call a tow truck operator or a mechanic; they’ll be able to do this for you and move your car.

Having said this, calling these professionals can be time consuming.

It’s worth calling your auto locksmith right away – their mobile service comes to you, so in most cases, you don’t even need to worry about moving your car.

This way, you can get on the road sooner, as your mobile car locksmith cuts you a new key – even without an original.

But keep in mind that your vehicle might roll forward or backward while being put in neutral mode. Serious injuries might occur when this happens as you can’t immediately put the brakes on.

Bypassing the transponder key

Can you bypass the transponder key?

Transponder keys are switches in your car that contain small microchips that send out wireless signals to an inbuilt receptor in your car’s ignition.

Only when your car receives the right signal will it unlock or start the ignition.

If you’re planning to bypass the transponder keys to start your vehicle, then you’re bypassing your ignition security, and you can compromise your car key’s ability to turn your ignition.

What if you lose your car keys and don’t have a spare?

Dealing with lost car keys and no spares? Stolen and broken car keys can bring on a lot of stress and hassle.

And when you’re stuck – whether that’s in the car park, the local shops, at work, or even at home – you might not know who to call for help.

So why do you need to call a Melbourne auto locksmith if you lose your car keys?

Get a spare key without damaging your car

Lost or broken your car key? Stuck in the ignition?

Car key locksmiths like Galmier can deal with emergency car key and car lock situations fast by cutting new car keys right on the spot.

Even if the key is damaged, broken, or stuck, our locksmiths work diligently to provide you with a spare key without damaging your car.

Mobile auto locksmiths come to you – wherever you are

Instead of waiting days or even weeks for your car dealership to provide you with a new set of keys, you can get immediate relief with the help of a Melbourne auto locksmith.

Our mobile locksmith in St Kilda values your time; we come to you!

We cut replacement car keys for all types of cars

Our experienced auto locksmiths in Melbourne can provide Car key replacement for a huge range of cars, including popular makes such as:

Our auto locksmiths can even cut keys for some luxury cars such as Porsche, Mercedes Benz, BMW and Lexus. There are no car key challenges that our experienced auto locksmiths can’t solve!

Guaranteed: a qualified, experienced auto locksmith

Expert auto locksmiths undergo strict training and certifications so they can provide the right solutions to your car key problems.

A local auto locksmith is geared towards having the right knowledge and skills for car keys and car lock issues.

Calling a Melbourne auto locksmith gives you a guarantee that you get what you pay for when it comes to providing you with spare car keys.

Don’t have spare car keys? Call an auto locksmith in Melbourne

Don’t waste time scrambling to figure out what to do next – save our auto locksmith’s number in your phone so you’re always prepared, should the unexpected happen!

Galmier Locksmiths is your expert Melbourne auto locksmith covering the entire Bayside area and getting you back in your car fast and without damage.

Our team of mobile auto locksmiths take pride in excellent workmanship by providing various auto locksmith services to emergency car key and car lock situations.

Call our auto locksmith in Melbourne on 0407 022 234 today, or make contact online and we will be in touch soon!