When you accidentally lock yourself out of your car,
who do you call?

An auto locksmith, that’s who!

Car locksmiths are the go-to for these situations. Every day, Galmier’s team are on the road, helping stranded motorists and fixing lockouts.

But that isn’t all we do!

Did you know that our locksmiths can do much more than just open locks when it comes to your car?

Next time, give our auto locksmiths a call on 0407 022 234 and see for yourself what we can do for you!

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Not just lockouts – 4 OTHER things our car locksmiths in Melbourne can do for you

1) Unlock ALL car brands

Worried that your auto locksmiths can only unlock common car brands and not yours?

If so, don’t – you might not realise it, but auto locksmiths can unlock just about all car brands.

While the trim might be leather and the electronics more sophisticated, the truth is that the locks and keys are virtually identical to more common car

And since they’re so similar, it also means that we can fix problems here using the same techniques and methods, whether you drive a:

Auto locksmiths like Gamier have years and decades of experience unlocking all types of vehicles. In addition to recent sedans, hatchback, trucks, it also
includes models from luxury vehicle manufacturers!

2) Provide modern locksmithing services for modern cars

Today’s car keys are a world apart from the keys of old!

Car security is getting more and more advanced with each passing day. Our auto locksmiths need to work hard to keep up with this!

Some recent advances include:

  • Keyless entry
  • Transponders
  • Push-button start
  • Immobilisers

Thankfully, our auto locksmiths have refined and improved their locksmithing techniques to keep up with advances in technology.

In many cases, our team can program transponder keys as well as keyless entry fobs.

Does your vehicle use keyless entry? Not a problem – while keyless is the main way you unlock your doors, they also use physical backup keys and locks,
which our team can replace or use to get you back in!

You don’t have to contact your car dealer or a tow truck to get you back on the road fast – we’ll help you save more time when you call your auto locksmith.
They come to you fast wherever you are.

Mobile auto locksmiths go to you on-site, assess your situation and cut and
program car keys for you right on the spot.

3) Work with all types of commercial vehicles

If you think auto locksmiths can only work with private cars and passenger vehicles, you’re dead-wrong!

In addition to motorists, our car locksmiths in Melbourne work with all types
of commercial vehicles. In fact, many of our customers are businesses that operate large commercial fleets.

A truck driver losing their keys or running into ignition problems with their van or lorry can lead to delays in deliveries and can mess with your numbers.

Our car locksmiths’ ability to provide rapid-response auto locksmith service to commercial vehicles however means that this delay can be minimised!

Auto locksmiths keep your business operating smoothly by providing a fast and reliable locksmith service wherever they are.

It isn’t just delivery and logistics businesses, either – our auto locksmiths also provide commercial auto locksmith services to mechanics, repair shops,
car rental businesses, auctioneers and taxi companies, just to name a few!

Car Remote Control

4) Replace car keys WITHOUT the original

Many assume that in order to cut a replacement key, we auto locksmiths need a copy of the original to work off of.

Wrong on all accounts – using a variety of methods, we can cut a replacement key without ever laying eyes on the original for reference!

This is exactly what you need, especially if you’ve lost your keys altogether.

Using your vehicle identification number (VIN), we can get a code that tells us exactly how many grooves your key has, as well as how deep they are.

This allows us to perfectly replicate your keys, without ever seeing the original, and without a trip to the dealership.

5) Rekey car locks

So you’ve just bought a new (to you, at least) car – congratulations!

Of course, there’s a problem with buying second-hand – namely, you have no idea how many copies of the key you have floating around.

Each key you can’t account for increases your risk of someone trying to steal your car. While that risk isn’t very high, there are many that (naturally)
feel a little bit anxious when they realise how little control they could have over who can get into their car.

Luckily, our car locksmiths can help with that.

In addition to cutting keys and unlocking doors, our auto locksmiths in Melbourne also fix locks and ignition chambers.

We don’t just remove debris and clear jams – if need be, we can also rekey your locks and ignition, making any other copies of your car keys useless.

We’ll disassemble your ignition or lock and replace the pins and tumblers inside. Once we’re done, we’ll cut a new key to match.

Need help with your keys? Call a Melbourne auto locksmith!

Never underestimate the skills and expertise of your local auto locksmith!

As you can see, there are plenty of things that an auto locksmith can do to help you out with car key and lock emergencies.

Our team of auto locksmiths are MLAA-registered master locksmiths, and possess years of experience solving all sorts
of car key, lock and ignition-related issues for motorists all over Melbourne.

Best of all, our out-of-hours emergency locksmith service means that you
never have to worry about getting stuck, either – give us a ring anytime between 9am and 10:30pm, and we’ll be there (including weekends and public

To get back on the road sooner, give Galmier a call on 0407 022 234 or fill in the form to book a job with us – you’d be surprised by what our team can do!