We’ve all had that split-second of panic when they key struggles to fit into the ignition or the car fails to start. But ah, after a moment, it does, and you carry on with your day in the usual way.

But today is not like the others. Today, your worn car key is simply not working, and your car will not start!

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worn car key

Reasons you have a worn car ignition

There are a few reasons why your car ignition may be worn. Some are a lot more common than others, but have a look through the list to determine if one best applies to you.

Attempted theft

Thieves use a variety of tools to try to steal a car. Petty thieves often end up ruining an ignition… and that’s about it.

Wrong key

If you’ve accidentally tried to insert the wrong key into the ignition, you might have caused some damage. If they key is lodged, don’t apply pressure to try and get it out. Instead, call a local locksmith!

Worn out key

Depending on the severity of the wear a car key may eventually simply stop working. That might mean the problem lies within the key, rather than the ignition.

Broken key

A common culprit, a broken key stuck in the ignition must only be removed by a qualified locksmith. Trying to dislodge the key yourself can lead to more severe ignition damage, so don’t do it!


Copying a worn car key

I read a great analogy on this website the other day. The author described copying a worn out key like photocopying an old, smudged, and dirty page from a recipe book. While you might have copied the recipe onto a fresher piece of paper with no corner crinkles, you have not removed the smudges from the page.

Copying a worn key follows the exact same principle: the copied key might in fact be brand new, but it is the exact copy (albeit newer version) of a worn out key.

This means that the same inconsistencies have been copied from the damaged key to the new one.

How a locksmith helps

So by now, you hopefully understand how copying a worn key doesn’t truly result in a “new” key. So what can a locksmith do to help you?

Just as we help those stuck in a bind without a car key, we can create and duplicate a truly brand new car key from scratch.

Imagine someone who has just lost their only car key or had their purse stolen. Not only are they frustrated and upset, but they also have no key from which a copy could be made…

But a qualified auto locksmith has the tools and the knowledge to replicate and cut a brand new car key – right there on the spot!

worn car ignition

So why shouldn’t I just call my car manufacturer?

Mobile service comes to you

The whole point of a mobile locksmith is that the service comes to you!

No matter where you’re located along Melbourne’s Bayside region, Galmier will be there for you!

More affordable and convenient solutions

A rapid response, an affordable resolution, and a mobile service that comes to you: can you say “convenience”? Whether you’re at home, the office, or the shops, we’ll get to you and determine the right solution.

Don’t bother with exorbitant tow truck fees

You know how most car manufacturers expect you to get your car to them? Ah, without a car key, how do they expect you to do that?!

If you’re worried about the damage of using a worn car key, contact Galmier Locksmiths today. We’ll cut and program a new key and remove the risk of damage to your vehicle. Call now!