A couple of days ago, US robotics company Boston Dynamics released an upgraded model of its Atlas robot, capable of doing backflips.

Don’t believe us? Watch it and see for yourself!

It’s pretty impressive how far robotics and technology have advanced in such a short time. But it makes you wonder: if we have the technology to build
robots that can do these types of aerial gymnastics, why is it that we are still using easy-to-lose keys to keep our homes secure?

Galmier Locksmiths is proud to offer the latest in “smart lock” technology to keep your house secure and remove the frustration of lost keys.

So if you’ve ever forgotten to lock the door on your way out or have simply lost your only copy, smart lock technology might be the right solution for

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What is a “smart lock”?

A smart lock is a sophisticated device that allows users to remotely lock and unlock doors without the need for a physical key.

Just like traditional locks, a smart lock also involves two important parts to make it work: the lock and the key.

But the difference is that with smart lock, we do away with the physical keys to lock and unlock your doors. Instead, most smart locks use your smartphone
and wireless technology such as Bluetooth or RFID to open and close your doors.

A couple of weeks ago, we shone a spotlight on the Yale Assure digital lck. The Yale Assure is a great smart lock system – but it’s not the only
option for your home or business. Many manufacturers are now starting to offer digital or smart locking systems in response to the changing landscape.

Speak to us about a unique digital locking
system for your home or business.


Smart lock benefits

If you’ve never heard of smart locks before this blog post, let Galmier Locksmiths walk you through it. We’ve installed smart lock systems on many businesses
and homes across Melbourne, helping clients secure their spaces through more intuitive and sophisticated methods.

We’ve seen a number of advantages to choosing a smart lock over a traditional tumbler lock.

Smart locks can be more secure

Compared to a physical key and lock, smart locks can be much more effective at securing your home or business.

Instead of using a physical key, you can just use your phone’s smart lock app or Bluetooth to lock and unlock your door.

One thing we always tell our customers about keys is that keys can be duplicated easily.

Take it from us, it only takes minutes to get a key cut and most of the time, it doesn’t cost more than a couple dollars. Who knows how many copies of
your home keys are floating out there in the hands of previous owners, tenants, cleaners, or relatives?

With a smart lock however, you don’t have to worry about spare keys floating around.

Those with smart keys have full control over who can unlock their doors: you can remotely revoke access to certain phones and keep track of how many phones
have access to your house.

Additionally, most smart lock systems also allow you to regulate entry times by individual phones and track who goes in and out of your home!

Smart keys offer great convenience

Without a doubt, the biggest draw of smart locks is the convenience that they offer over traditional locks. No more carrying around a dedicated key wallet,
worrying if you’ve misplaced a key or having to fiddle with a keychain every time you enter your home.

Instead, it’s as simple as holding up your phone towards the smart lock and twisting!

Some smart keys allow “one-off” access

Another feature of smart locks that often gets overlooked is the ability to allow one-off access on guests’ phones.

If you’re out and need something looked after at home, there’s no need to worry about giving them a spare key any more – just set them up a one-off access
code. Not only is it convenient, but it’s safer too. You don’t even need to interrupt what you’re doing to unlock the door for your guests any more


Smart key FAQ

The technology behind smart locks is still relatively new to some people, so we don’t blame you for being a little apprehensive about replacing your tried-and-tested
pin and tumbler lock for a digital setup.

Some of the most common concerns we hear are:

Won’t my smart lock be damaged?

Most smart locks are built tough – after all, they’re going to be exposed to the elements for years, so most manufacturers build them to stand up to years
of prolonged exposure.

Aren’t smart locks expensive?

Perhaps when the technology was brand-new. But as they become more popular, their prices tend to fall.

What if I lose my phone?

No-one’s perfect… we all lose things, and somethings, those things are our smartphones.

If you lose your phone, most smart lock systems come with backup ways of gaining access. Some have a physical key and lock just in case, whereas others
such as the Yale Assure have a keypad.


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