If you’re caught in an emergency car key situation, and you don’t have anyone else in mind to help you, then you need a certified automotive locksmith
who can:

  • Help you get back in your car
  • Fix your ignition
  • Provide you with a duplicate key
  • Replace a damaged key
  • Create a new transponder key
  • Make a new keyless fob replacement

With all the car key and lock solutions that an auto locksmith provides, combined with the panicked frenzy a lost car key can send you into, clients can
sometimes miss checking the legitimacy of their chosen tradesperson, resulting in costly payments and damaged property.

We discussed in our two-part blog series (click here for part one and here for part two)
the common locksmith scams that you need to avoid.

In this series, we share tips on how to avoid an auto locksmith scammer that can end up causing you unnecessary hassle and pain.

We thought we’d use this opportunity to again help you take the right steps towards avoiding any dodgy transactions with
your auto locksmith.

If you find yourself in a situation where your steering wheel is locked and you can’t access your car, or you’ve lost or broken your only key, you need car key replacement in Melbourne – and you need it fast!

We understand that you’re probably feeling stressed and frazzled, but we strongly urge you to take just a few minutes to look into your chosen locksmith to ensure they are trustworthy and legitimate.

Emergency Auto Locksmith Melbourne

How do I know if a locksmith is legit?

Choosing a trustworthy and reliable locksmith in Melbourne for the job is really important. And it doesn’t need to be difficult!

Most importantly, trust your gut, and be alert if any alarm bells start to signal in your head. Here are five things you should check when it comes to choosing a reliable car locksmith to help you out in your time of need.

1) Do your research when searching for an auto locksmith

Avoiding a dodgy auto locksmith starts with the basic step of doing your research.

Now, sifting through dozens of web pages is probably the last thing you think to do when the panic sets in that you’ve lost your car key or broken it in
the ignition.

But trust us – taking even just five minutes to check through a locksmith’s website will help give you peace of mind you’re choosing a trustworthy
locksmith to come to you.

Look out for:

  • Associations they’re a part of
  • Licences they have
  • Awards they have won
  • Testimonials and reviews

Since not much can escape the internet, we also recommend checking external review sites, like WOMO as well as the company’s Google Business Profile for unbiased, honest reviews.

Additionally, we recommend choosing a local locksmith.

They’re the ones who are known (and therefore trusted) in your community: they’re recommended by friends and family, and you might have even seen their
vans driving around town!

Above all, being local means their wait times are often shorter – great when you’re stuck at a local shopping centre or car park.

2) Clarify any extra charges from your car locksmith

It’s simple: auto locksmith scammers (or any kind of scammer, for that matter!) always want your money.

So before you approve the commencement of any job, be sure to check and clarify for any extra charge that may be added to the locksmith service.

Dodgy locksmiths often lure unsuspecting clients with attractive call-out fees, sometimes as low as $50. But then they’ll slug you with unreasonable “service”
fees after you’ve already accepted the call-out fee and job.

Don’t rely on price alone. Value is much more important.

As the old adage goes, you get what you pay for. Unrealistic pricing is a classic bait for any type of scam. Affordable and reasonable pricing is one thing, but if it sounds too good to be true… well, it probably is.

3) Pay for their service with a credit card, if possible

Cashless payments are more convenient in this day and age (when was the last time you had cash on you?!), so take it as a potential red-flag if an auto
locksmith insists on cash-only payments.

Certified and trustworthy auto locksmiths should offer a myriad of payment options, primarily for their customers’ convenience, but to also show that they
are licensed and professional.

Additionally, you should ensure that they can provide you with either a paper or electronic invoice to confirm the work performed and the cost paid.

avoid auto locksmith scam

4) Check your auto locksmith’s vehicle

Branding might be a personal choice, but something to look out for (but let’s stress – is not necessarily a dealbreaker) is an auto locksmith who doesn’t
have clear signage on their van, like:

  • Logo
  • Company name
  • Phone number
  • Website

A locksmith that arrives in a plain vehicle may have other motives – so be vigilant. Of course, we know this isn’t the case for all locksmiths, however, it does strengthen the legitimacy of your locksmith if they arrive in a professionally branded vehicle.

Pay attention to their phone manner

This is more than just about being polite – make sure you take note of how they answer their phone.

Do they answer with a legitimate business name?

Or do they answer generally, “Local Locksmith” or “Locksmith Melbourne”?

If it’s the latter, this could be a red flag.

This is a common tactic for locksmith scammers who travel across large cities attending as many “jobs” as possible. They may even have remote call centres working overtime to accept and divert your calls.

The risk is that these scammers may be unregistered, unlicensed, unqualified and as such, not police checke

Ask the right questions to avoid a locksmith scam

Don’t fall victim to an auto locksmith scammer.

In summary:

  • Ask to check credentials, licences, and memberships
  • Take note of their phone manner including how the phone is answered
  • Don’t be afraid to ask about any potential hidden or additional charges
  • Make sure you check out external review sites as well as their website for legitimate customer reviews
  • Ask to see ID upon arrival

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When seeking an auto locksmith, it’s crucial to take steps to protect your keys from theft and scammers, ensuring the security of your vehicle.

Look out for the signs above, and trust your gut!

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