Do you feel the thrill of finding hidden objects at home?

Maybe it was that $50 note you could have SWORN you left in your pants pocket that turned up three weeks later, or that kitchen tool you were desperately
searching for before your dinner party last weekend.

Maybe it’s a sentimental letter from an old friend you thought you’d lost when you last moved to a new house.

Whatever it may be, finding hidden objects at home can be exciting and relieving.


What if it was your home’s spare key that was up for grabs?

And it wasn’t your partner or kid finding it, but instead a total stranger?

Most homeowners are in the habit of keeping a spare key somewhere outside their home without thinking of the risk they may be putting their home or family

Instead of hiding keys under doormats and flower pots (which is soo obvious, by the way!), homeowners can invest in locks and keys that don’t need any
spare key at all.

digital locks

Digital locks

Wouldn’t be nice to use a key-free, secured and user-friendly access in your home? Achieve complete peace of mind and stop leaving your spare keys in unsafe

Digital and fingerprint locks are better and more advanced than ever before. Both residential and commercial properties can benefit from electronic and
digital locking systems.

But before shifting to electronic and digital locks, you need to know first the benefits that you’ll gain!


Why consider a keyless digital lock system

Tired of carrying bundles of keys?

Easy to install, digital locks are hassle-free, advanced security systems suitable for all types of homes and offices.

Electric locks are easy and quick to program

Digital and electronic locks will make your life easy. You just have to enter your choice of code or fingerprint and it will be automatically registered!

Program a few codes or fingerprints for each member of the family or various office members.

Electronic locks are difficult to crack

Most electronic locks are equipped with a “wrong try” lockout delay once they register a certain number of failed attempts, so you can be sure that the
only people getting into your home are those who know the correct code.

Digital locks are user-friendly for the whole family

Digital locks are easy to use for every member of the family.

Whether you choose fingerprint or code recognition, you can set and forget for each member of the family. Misplaced keys and hidden keys around the home
quickly become a thing of the past thanks to the advanced technology behind digital locks.


Call a locksmith to help with digital locks

Considering a digital lock system for your home or office?

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