If you’ve been following this blog regularly, you might remember reading a little article talking about the ability of a car locksmith in Melbourne to help owners of German cars.

Of course, if you take a look at Melbourne’s roads, you’ll notice that European cars aren’t exactly in the majority – instead, you’ll notice that most cars actually hail from Asia.

So it would be a little bit strange if we weren’t able to help out and fix car key and lock problems with these cars!

So, better save the number of a car locksmith in Melbourne to your phone, just in case. Add 0407 022 234 to your phonebook or call us ASAP whenever you need car key replacement or unlocking services for your Asian car.

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Is there a universal key for cars?

You may have seen aftermarket car key blanks that claim to be universal for all car brands. You may even be tempted to buy one to replace your current faulty key, thinking that there’s nothing wrong with purchasing a universal car key.

After all, you’ll never know when a car key problem may arise, and it’s nice to have a spare!

You may think that a universal car key can solve all your problems, especially if you’re worried about:

  • Losing your car key
  • Breaking and wearing out your keys
  • Getting your car keys stuck in the ignition
  • Your keys being stolen
  • Being locked out of your car

However, you may need to think twice before buying and using one for your car!

Remember that a universal car key, especially one purchased online has already been programmed – its transponder may not match your vehicle’s.

And you can’t forget that some car brands might simply use locks and ignition chambers with different dimensions, making a “universal” key useless!

You may need to have your car replacement keys reprogrammed by a certified car locksmith in Melbourne to ensure that it fits exactly with your car.

Either way, the universal option might not work universally – what you need is not a universal car key but a car replacement key for your Asian car brand. Luckily, a car locksmith in Melbourne cuts replacement keys for you (without the original if needed!)

How does an auto locksmith in Melbourne cut your car keys – even without the original?

Even if you don’t have the original car key with you, an experienced auto locksmith in Melbourne can still get you back into your car and kit you out with a replacement key quickly without any damage.

One method we use is the VIN method.

In addition to identifying your vehicle, your car’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) also comes with details regarding your keys.

Using your VIN, we can identify how many grooves your keys need, as well as how far apart they need to be and the code for its transponder. We can then cut a key to exactly these specifications, helping you get back on the road and saving you from car key problems.

How much does it cost to program a car key?

A lot less than going to the dealership, that’s for sure!

The good thing about car locksmiths is that they’re mobile – they come to you wherever you are. Our team of auto locksmiths can cut car keys on the spot and reprogram your car immediately even without the help of a car dealer.

You may need your car key to be reprogrammed, and you will need to pay the service fee at a reasonable rate. But compared to car dealers, car locksmiths in Melbourne charge demand lower fees – our team even offers a guarantee that we won’t charge if they can’t get you back into your car.

And you can’t forget, time is money too!

On top of charging a lower fee, we’ll also get the job done quicker – less waiting around means you can be back on the road.

Do you need to get…

A new car key from Toyota?

You may have lost your only set of car keys, and you’ll need a new car key from Toyota. When this happens, you need not wait for days or even a week for your Toyota dealer or car manufacturer to secure new ones.

As the best-selling car brand in Australia, our auto locksmiths have a wealth of knowledge dealing with Toyotas and their keys and locking systems. We can fix the problem, whatever it may be.

Moreover, we can also do it faster and at a lower cost than the dealership as well!

Call a Toyota locksmith today.

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A new Honda car key?

Locked out of your car? Need a new Honda car key? Get car key replacement keys even without paying dealership prices by getting in touch with an auto locksmith.

A car locksmith in Melbourne gives you fast and reliable service during car key emergencies. Galmier locksmiths provide you with rapid emergency service that helps you get back into your car and on the road immediately.

We’re able to help with all models of Honda, whether you drive an older Odyssey or a modern Civic.

Call a Honda locksmith today.

A replacement for Nissan car key?

Are you in a state of panic due to a dysfunctional Nissan car key? Whether that’s broken or worn-out car keys, a car locksmith in Melbourne offers car key replacement services ranging from cutting car keys, coding transponders and immobilisers, keyless fob entry and more.

Whether your Nissan is an old one with only one of these features or features all of them, our team can help you get back on the road.

Choose to work with a Nissan auto locksmith who uses up-to-date technology and tools required to open your car doors and cut new car keys efficiently.

Call a Nissan locksmith today.

A new car key for your Hyundai?

Stolen bag – and car keys? If you think that replacing or cutting a new car key is a hassle, an auto locksmith in Melbourne can ensure that you get a new car key for your Hyundai as quickly as possible with our seamless and excellent as possible.

After all, cutting new car keys and getting a replacement Hyundai car key for you is about saving you time. And who has time to call a tow truck or wait around for your car dealership to eventually get to your issue?

Gain fast and on-site car key solutions from a team that will cut and reprogram car keys for you on-the-spot, replacing your current keys with ones that work and keep your ride home secure.

Call a Hyundai locksmith today.

Do you need a car key replacement? Call Galmier now!

Getting inside your car is not impossible with the help of a certified auto locksmith in Melbourne.

Our expert team car locksmith in Melbourne provides you with car key replacement services such as:

  • Reprogramming transponder keys
  • Cutting car keys on the spot
  • Replacing broken locks
  • Removing broken locks
  • Replacing keyless fobs

Galmier Locksmiths will be there for your right when you need us to – get your car key cut or replaced by calling 0407 022 234 or filing in the form to get in touch with us today.