The auto industry is perhaps one of the most evolving industries around!

Whenever something ground-breaking that can enhance a car’s feature is introduced, you can be sure carmakers will immediately find out ways that it can be incorporated into future models. One such feature that automakers have integrated into cars is the push button start.

While the technology may not be brand new (it has been in existence for decades), more and more automakers have switched to the exciting push button start feature. And this will probably become a standard car feature in the future.

push button key fob

What is “push button” start? And how does it work?

The term is synonymous with keyless ignition.

In modern cars, gone are the days of using your keys to unlock, lock, and start your vehicles. Instead of inserting and turning your key, all you have to do now is push a button to start and stop your vehicle.

Electronic fob

The push button feature is paired with an electronic key fob. The electronic key fob is also known as the “smart key” or proximity key”.

The electronic key fob is a device that you can use to unlock, lock and start the vehicle. There are antennas or sensors in the car that recognise the key fob, which communicates with the car using unique coding.

It’s also a handy device that can be kept in a driver’s pocket or purse.


What are the advantages of a “push button” start?

Carmakers are constantly developing technologies and features to make cars perform better. With the push button start, car owners can achieve security and convenience.


When it comes to security, the keyless ignition function strengthens your vehicle’s anti-theft features. While not perfect, the system makes it difficult for would be car thefts to get away with your vehicle.

The car’s engine won’t start if the car’s computer does not receive the right code from the electronic key fob. And in some manufacturers, they have programmed the car to cut off the ignition circuit if someone tinkers with it.


As for convenience, you no longer need to fumble for your car keys to open and to start your car. Say goodbye to the hassle of key insertion!

As long as the fob is with you, whether it’s inside your pocket or purse, you’re good to go. The fob will transmit the code to the car’s computer and then it will allow you to push the start button! Before you know it, you’re on your way!


What are the disadvantages?

Just like most things in life, the push start button feature is not perfect.

One of the disadvantages is its cost. However, the cost of keyless ignition is often included in the cost of the car itself. It may also be offered as an optional addition.

In addition, there is also cost involved should your fob ever need to be replaced.

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