What is a mobile locksmith?

Whether you’re locked out of your car at a shopping centre or locked out of the home or office, our mobile van is fitted with all the equipment we need to get you back into your car or building safety and quickly.

As a mobile locksmith servicing Melbourne’s Bayside region, we’ll be wherever you need us! Our responsive service comes to you when you’ve had that heart-stopping moment of accidentally slamming shut the car door before you realise that your right hand is empty.

We can of course help you with planned locksmithing services too, such as changing the locks in a new property or organising a transponder key cut and program for your car, but we’re also here to help when you get stuck in a predicament that you really weren’t expecting (and one that is super frustrating!)

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What can I expect from a mobile locksmith?

In just a few words, you can expect your mobile locksmith to be:

  • Prompt
  • Meticulous
  • Equipped
  • Dedicated
  • And perhaps most importantly, responsive

A mobile locksmith’s van is fitted with all the necessary equipment and tools to get you back into your home or car, to cut new keys, and to program new car transponder keys.

Locked out of a car or building is the last thing our customers want, but in those dire situations where there’s nothing else left to do but seek help, Galmier provides the mobile locksmith service you so desperately need.


I’m locked out of my car! How will a mobile locksmith help me?

Before you even so much as THINK about smashing your car window, call Galmier! We’ll come to you as soon as possible and get you back into your car without sacrificing a window.

Our mobile vehicle is equipped with all the necessary tools to regain entry to cars (including luxury cars like Porsche and BMW), and we can also cut you a second key so you’re never without that sacred spare.

(Find out more about auto locksmiths here.)


Lockout! Locked out of the house?

Accidentally locked yourself out of the house? No problem!

If you’ve got your smartphone with you (and who are we kidding, we always have our smartphones with us!) you might be tempted to hop onto YouTube for a quick tutorial called “How to pick a lock” or “What to do when you’re locked out of your house”.

You might be advised to do the following:

  • Use a credit card to pick the lock (won’t work with modern locks)
  • Look for an open window (…dangerous!)
  • Remove the doorknob (and risk damage)
  • Call an automotive locksmith (now we’re getting somewhere!)

Skip the video and head straight to Google. Find Galmier Locksmiths under ‘mobile locksmith Melbourne’ and call us immediately!

Attempting to ‘break’ back into your house isn’t the safest option. You could damage a lock, door, window, or cause harm to yourself! Our certified mobile locksmiths in St Kilda, Bayside and Melbourne get you back in without property dama


Emergency mobile locksmith services

Smashing a window isn’t the only option you’ve got!

We’ll be there when you need us, and we’ll get you back in.

Save our number in your phone (0407 022 234) so you’re always prepared, especially when you least expect it. Contact us today!

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