As an auto locksmith in Cheltenham, one of the most common calls we get are for missing keys.

Put yourself in that position – stranded on the side of the road, anxious to get home and with no way to get back into your car.

It’s not a pleasant thought!

While an auto locksmith can help get you back on the road, ideally you’ll want to avoid ever putting yourself in that situation.

Do you have a nasty habit of misplacing your car keys? These tips might save you from a headache later on…

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1) Give them a place of their own

What do you do with your keys when you get home? Do you pop them on their own dedicated space? Or do you just leave them wherever your hands drop them?

While simple, giving your keys their own dedicated spot can make tracking them much, much easier – the hardest thing will be getting into the habit of
doing it!

Instead of wasting time checking your kitchen bench, bedside table or any of the regular spots, have a single place where your keys are placed – always.

This can be something as simple as a wall-mounted picture hook to hang your keys or even a bowl on your kitchen bench. The place itself doesn’t matter,
as long as your keys are consistently there.

You can even get creative – why not make a key holder out of LEGO?


2) Technology saves the day

Thanks to wireless technology, there are some great products out there that allow you to “find” your lost keys.

Key finders are little fobs that can be attached to your car keys.

These emit a signal – usually bluetooth, GPS or both – which your smartphone can then hone in on.

Download the relevant app and pair it with your key finder and you’ll have a digital map to where your keys are.

That way, you can easily locate your keys in the event that you accidentally lose them.

The best part is that these fobs are small enough to comfortably fit on just about anything.


3) Attach it to a keyring

Compared to option number 2, a keyring might sound downright crude. But you’d be surprised at how effective this can be!

A good old fashioned keyring is simple, but effective. A single key on its own is easy to lose track of. But a whole bunch of them? You can’t miss that!

If you constantly misplace your keys, size matters. A small keychain or single key can go unnoticed, which is the opposite of what we want.

You can even think about attaching your keys to something you never forget – your wallet or phone are great candidates.


4) Keep your keys close

If you’re constantly losing your keys, it might be a good idea to keep them on your belt, especially if your job is hands-on and requires you to move around
a lot.

Why else would you see so many practical types such as tradies using it?

You can buy belt clips for your keys to ensure your keys are always nearby. Some even come with elastic, allowing you to use your keys without ever taking
them off your person.

Even something as simple as clipping a carabiner to one of your belt loops can do the trick.


5) Get a spare

While your main goal should be to avoid losing your keys full stop, it’s still a good idea to make a spare. This way, you’ll know you’re covered, even
if all your other tricks don’t quite work out.

Any reputable auto locksmith can cut you a spare car key. All you need to do
is bring in the original together with the car, they’ll then be able to replicate on-the-spot.

A dedicated auto locksmith can even cut you a new car key without ever seeing the original – a lifesaver when you’ve misplaced your only car key.

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Lost your keys? Get in touch with an auto locksmith in Cheltenham!

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