Keeping your commercial property secure is no doubt an important consideration you make as a business owner.

With our knowledge and expertise on the latest lock systems of today, Galmier Locksmiths can easily revamp your security system and can even bring it into the digital age!

commercial locskmith digital locks

Should you consider digital locks?

Digital locks are a great defence against attempted break-ins.

They remove the need for a key, while the code used for the digital lock can be more secure and is easily managed.

Digital locks are ideal for businesses or places where many different people are coming and going. Think of a hotel distributing codes to their guests, which can then be changed as old guests leave and new guests arrive. Digital door locks can be an effective tool in these types of businesses as they remove the risk and cost of lost keys or damaged access cards.


New innovation in digital security

The technology involved in digital locks is increasing and improving all the time, to refine the system to be impenetrable to attack.

Some researchers from the Kyoto University, Japan, recently published a report detailing just how secure today’s digital locks are, running all sorts of rigorous tests on the latest technology.

In a first for the expanding industry researchers, led by Professor Ken Umeno, have successfully provided conclusive proof that these digital coding systems are, in fact, unbreakable. How exciting!

“We first developed VSC in 2004 as a simple, fast cipher, and parts of it have already been utilised in the private sector. Many theoretical attacks in the past have failed to break it, but until now we hadn’t shown definitive proof of security.” – Professor Ken Umeno (Source)


Fingerprint scanner

Another high-tech alternative to digital locks is a fingerprint scanner. There’s not much else that beats the uniqueness of your own fingerprint!

Today’s devices are easy to use so you can add and delete the patterns of your employees as you need.

Installing digital locks

We are here for all your digital lock needs! Contact Galmier Locksmiths today if you need help setting up a high-tech digital lock system for your commercial property. We’ve also written a great blog post providing lots of helpful information on the benefits of digital locks. Read it here!


Master key system

Master keys are another great way of keeping your commercial property secure.

Master keys provide various degrees of control and access, so you can create a unique “web” or system that allows access to various parts of a building for a variety of people.

Master keys are great for:

  • Apartment landlords
  • Security guards
  • Cleaning and maintenance businesses

Master key systems are also known as restricted key systems. Find out more about these clever commercial solutions in this blog post.


Call a commercial locksmith to strategise and install systems

If you need a strategic security plan for your commercial property, get a little help from Galmier Locksmiths. From single shop fronts to commercial office buildings housing a number of companies, security is one of a business owner’s top priorities!

Don’t compromise on the effectiveness and value of a smart security system. The best place to start is your locks. Call Galmier Locksmiths today!