As you watch the video above, your face might try to conceal a grin as you think back to a time where you were in the same situation. You can laugh about it now, but at the time you definitely were not smiling.

Maybe it was a total lack of brainpower that resulted in you locking yourself out of the office… at 7pm on a Thursday night when no one was around.

Maybe it was a cruel bag theft that meant your car keys were taken… along with your wallet, cards, ID, and much more.

Maybe it’s an issue with your ignition, and just as you were about to turn the key, it’s gotten stuck.

No matter the scenario, have some comfort that you’re not the first (and will certainly not be the last!) person to require the immediate assistance of a mobile locksmith in Melbourne.

Why are you locked out?

Lost your keys

There’s nothing much in the world more frustrating than losing something valuable and having no idea where it may be. You can’t even think back to the last time you heard your keys jingle in your bag or felt the keychain as you reached for your wallet. No matter how or where you were, your keys are long gone.

Stolen bag

Some heartless individual has stolen your bag and now you feel half your life is missing. Everything you need on an everyday basis was in that bag! That includes your car keys. Now, you’re stuck with a car that doesn’t have a key.

Locked your keys inside

Whether it’s inside the car, inside the office, or inside the home, your keys are locked inside. There’s only a pane of glass separating the two of you, but what’s the next option? Smash the glass? Don’t risk that injury (as well as the replacement cost); call a mobile locksmith in Melbourne, instead!

Stuck or broken key

An old or faulty lock can jam a key up, and when you’re frustrated you seem to gain a superhuman strength normally not present. You fiddle with the key and eventually admit defeat. It won’t budge, or perhaps worse than that, it snaps. Half of the key is in the palm of your hand while the other half is stuck in the lock.

locked out

Where are you locked out?


Laden with shopping bags, you fumble in your handbag for the familiar feel of your keys. Frustration mounts as you realise they might be missing. And of course you neglected to cut a spare car key the last time you lost your car key.

If you’re locked out of your car, chances are that you’re not necessarily at home. Whether you’re at work, the local shops, or even stuck at the airport, you’re certainly not going anywhere if you don’t have your car key! Whether you have lost your car key or the key is stuck in the door or ignition, we can help!

How do I get back into my locked out car?

You’ve got a few options. You can call for a tow truck to transport your car back to the dealership, but there are two main problems with this. Tow trucks can be time consuming and costly, while dealerships may take days to program a new set of car keys. For you.

Your best bet is to call a local car key locksmith – best off all, they are mobile, so they come to you. No need to add more stress wondering how you’re going to get your car to them. 

Unique skills and knowledge ensures your car key locksmith can be trusted to cut a new car key, regardless of whether your key is lost, broken, or stolen.

Can a locksmith open a locked door without damage?

Indeed! In most cases, it is possible for an experienced locksmith to open a car door without causing any damage. Locksmiths use specialised tools and techniques to manipulate the locks on car doors, enabling them to access confined spaces with precision and accuracy. 


After a long day at work, all you want is to retreat inside, take a shower, enjoy your dinner, and veg out on the couch. You turn up at the door just like any other evening and realise your keychain has come loose. There’s a key missing. And guess what? It’s your house key. You scrounge the ground and every inch of your car and handbag, but it’s nowhere to be found. This is the last thing you wanted on a Tuesday evening!


Early bird catches the worm, you smugly think to yourself when you turn up to the office at 7am. You’re keen to start early… but uh-oh: your office key is missing. It’s no good going to the local café and begging for some free Wi-Fi and wait until your first colleague turns up at 9am… since you work alone in your own office space. You need to find or replace that key, stat.

What to do when you have locked yourself out of your car or home

First thing’s first: do you have your phone on you?

Funny how easily we can lose something as important as keys but we’re never more than a few centimetres from our smartphones at all times.

So in answer to that question, of course you have your smartphone on you. Your first instinct is to hop online and search for a locksmith in your local area. We know in that moment there’s nothing else you want to do than call a locksmith, but it’s important that when you do choose one, you’re choosing a reliable, qualified, and trustworthy one. If you’ve got a few minutes, I strongly suggest reading this blog post, “How to choose a locksmith”.

Call a reliable auto locksmith in Melbourne

Frustration mounts when we realise we’ve lost a key to our home, office, or car.

Watch the video above (made by my son) and see how that poor worker, having lost his office keys, promptly called a mobile locksmith to get him back into his office – quickly! A dependable locksmith comes to you when you need them, offering the right solution to your lock and key woes.

If you’re in the same tricky predicament, the best, most effective, and most reliable thing to do is call a qualified automotive locksmith to help you anywhere across Melbourne. Stuck in a rut? Call Alex now (or better yet, save my number in your phone for those just-in-case moments).