It’s a chilly August evening in Melbourne and you just can’t wait to get home.

The thought of turning the heater on, lounging around, and enjoying the night excites you. But as soon as you insert your key into your doorknob, nothing is happening!

You try to turn the key several times in the hope of unlocking the door. But it’s really not budging! You are probably asking yourself “Why now?!”

And as soon as you realise that you may be locked out of your own home, your heart begins to race. Your first thought is to take out your phone and start searching for local locksmiths that cover your area.

Good idea!

locked out? Call emergency locksmith

Why was I locked out, door?

There are several reasons why your door’s lock is no longer working as it should.

Read on to discover some common reasons why your lock may have failed you. Stuck in this situation? You likely don’t have time to waste! Call an emergency locksmith who will get you back in!


Seized up locks

This is one of the most commons problems when it comes to door locks. When this happens, you are able to insert your key in the hole but it doesn’t move once you start turning it. There are also times when you can only barely insert a part of your key inside the lock.

When you have a problem inserting and turning the key, there might be things blocking the way. Dust, grime and dirt are just some of the things that can accumulate over time,

Over time, these matters will accumulate and can actually impede the use of your lock.

Lubricating the key and lock might help you with this problem. But if this occurs more than once or you think you’re taking a risk each time you lock or unlock that front door, get a locksmith to replace the lock.


Broken locking mechanism

Another common door lock problem involves its locking mechanism. This occurs when the lock remains locked even after the key is inserted and turned.

When your lock is in perfect working condition, it should, of course, open once the key is turned. However, in this instance, it’s likely that the locking mechanism is loose, damaged or broken.

When this happens, your first instinct will be to keep turning the key over and over again, likely to no avail. Roughly manhandling the lock won’t solve the problem; in fact, you might end up causing further damage (including getting the key stuck in the lock!)


Maintain the locks, and if need be, change the locks!

To make sure that your locks are in their best state, it’s important to check them from time to time. Give your locks and keys some TLC, avoid vigorous or rough use, and replace keys if they become worn or bent.

Though there are some DIY tricks you can do yourself, (thank you, YouTube!) it is best to find a professional locksmith to help you.

Some lock problems can be solved with simple tweaking or repair, while other times, you may need an old or damaged lock safely replaced. To make sure the problem does not repeat itself over and over again, your only choice is to enlist the help of a professional locksmith!

Whenever you find yourself locked out of your own home at odd hours, there is only one name in the industry that you need to remember, and that’s Galmier!

For your emergency locksmith needs, Galmier Locksmiths is just a call away!