Love it or hate it, apartment life is the reality for 1.2 million Aussies.

And with ABS data showing that more apartments were constructed than houses during the latter half of 2016, the trend of higher-density living looks set to continue.

Just like moving into more traditional houses, our safety and security is another important consideration for residents of apartments, flats or condos.
While many high-rise apartments in particular often come with their own building security, that doesn’t mean that you should grow complacent with your
own safety.

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In a report from
2015, high-rise apartments were being built in Melbourne at four times the maximum legal densities allowed in skyscraper-dense cities such
as Hong Kong, New York and Tokyo.

And with so many other tenants, residents and visitors crammed into such a small space, the security and safety risks that come with that can’t be ignored.

At Galmier Locksmiths, we believe in making sure you are 100% safe before and after
you move into your high-rise apartment.

There are some safety precautions you must consider before moving into your new apartment.

Make sure you look into these factors before adding your signature to that piece of paper!


Investigate crime and safety

One of the biggest considerations that many new homeowners wrestle with is the safety of the area that they’re moving into.

And apartments are no different.

Before you make your final decision, you have to check how safe the area where your apartment is located.

There are a range of resources apartment-buyers have access to:

We strongly encourage that you stay informed about crime in the area you’re moving into. Do your research – but don’t let your findings scare you off:
there is no such thing as a suburb in Melbourne that is totally immune to crime – but it’s important you stay informed!


Look into apartment security

Another consideration that you should make is how secure the apartment complex is.

High-rise security can take a range of different forms:

  • Some larger, more upmarket apartment complexes employ their own security personnel
  • Others install security cameras in shared areas like lobbies, lifts, and corridors
  • Some complexes may use a mix of physical security measures like pass codes at points of entry
  • Others still may require a check-in or buzz-in from non-residents

Again, we strongly advise doing your research early. That means getting in contact with the building owners or current residents to get an understanding
of the security measures that your apartment building uses to keep residents and their property safe.

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Check door and window locks

Did you know that one of the most common methods of entry burglars use is through unlocked windows and doors? It sounds almost laughable – but it’s true!

Your apartment building might have a sharp security staff or the latest security cameras, but that doesn’t count for much if your apartment’s door and
window locks aren’t up to scratch and you live on a lower floor!

So, before you move into your apartment (or any other residence, for that matter),
make sure you check the conditions of the locks. Are they worn out? Or damaged?

Some apartments go through a lot of occupants – have your locks been updated between residents?

Locks are without a doubt one of the most important parts of your home’s security and its first line of defence.

After all, the vast majority of burglaries are crimes of opportunity – so don’t give burglars the chance! An effective and sturdy lock can be enough to
make most burglars think, “It’s just not worth the effort!”


After you move in…

Install more locks

So you’ve looked into your door and window locks before you moved into your apartment.

But there’s more you can do:

If building management permits, we strongly suggest rekeying your existing locks, changing them completely or adding additional lock fixtures in your home.

After all, apartment buildings can see residents come and go all the time. How do you know one of your apartment’s previous owners doesn’t still have a
spare key on them?

It only takes a couple of minutes to have keys duplicated: there could be any number of copies of your apartment keys floating around out there!

If you need locks changed or if you need help installing more additional locks, choose Galmier’s residential locksmith service.

Install a security system

No matter how big or small your apartment is and no matter what floor you are in, it never hurts to put a bit of extra security in.

If your building management or landlord allows, why not install a security system?
Like mentioned above, most burglaries are opportunistic. Having a visible alarm or camera system for your apartment can be a powerful deterrent to
wannabe burglars.

Secure balcony doors

Many apartment units come with balconies and other outdoor spaces. A balcony is a great addition to your apartment and a great spot to relax and entertain

However, it can also be a safety hazard, especially for lower-level apartments. It’s important to secure your balcony doors as these can be used an entry
point by intruders.

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Secure your apartment today: let Galmier’s local locksmiths enhance your security!

Keep you, your family (children included) and your apartment safe and secure at all times.

Just because you live on the 15th story doesn’t make your apartment immune to the dangers of burglars. If you live in an apartment in Melbourne’s southeast
or Bayside area, or plan on moving into one, talk to a security expert now!

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