You’re heading down the garage, clicking the button on your fob or remote to open your car. You sit down, adjust your seat and mirrors, fumble around for
the garage remote – you’re all set to go wherever it is you’re going.

Just one problem: when you insert your key, your car won’t start!

Maybe the ignition doesn’t turn. Perhaps the key won’t go in all the way. Whatever the problem, you aren’t going anywhere fast.

An auto locksmith does much more than just unlock doors and cut replacement
keys – ignition problems are another common issue that our car locksmiths in Melbourne deal with on a daily basis.

What should you do if this happens to you? And more importantly, what can you do to fix it and get back on the road?

car key ignition problem

The usual suspects: our auto locksmith explains the most common ignition faults (and how we can help!)

Just like with your keys or locks, there are a range of issues that can stop your ignition from working properly.

And if your ignition isn’t working, well, you aren’t going to get anywhere, are you?

Depending on the exact issue in your ignition, the exact solution may vary…

Damaged pins and tumblers

As with a traditional house lock, car ignitions make use of pins and tumblers that are cut to match the grooves in your car keys. These pins and tumblers
are built tough – however, they aren’t invincible. Over time, they may wear out.

When this happens, you might find your car key no longer fitting, or struggling to turn.

Should this happen, the best course of action is to call an auto locksmith.

In situations such as these, an auto locksmith will dismantle your ignition chamber and replace the damaged pins and tumblers, allowing your keys to fit
once more.

 It’s jammed

So you’ve determined that it’s a jam that’s causing your ignition to not work. Now for the hard part: removing it.

While it’s tempting to find a paperclip or screwdriver and go to town, in the vast majority of cases, this isn’t a good idea – in fact, you could end up
doing further damage!

An auto locksmith can remove a blockage for you without damaging the rest of your ignition. If need be, we’ll even dismantle the entire ignition chamber
to ensure that the blockage is removed in its entirety, and that

It won’t turn

The telltale sign of a functioning, well-maintained lock? Turning it is effortless.

Needless to say, if you notice your keys require a lot of effort to turn, or are refusing to cooperate, you’ve got an ignition problem on your hands!

When this happens, many people whip out the cooking oil spray and use that to get their keys to turn.

While it may help in the short-term, repeated use of aerosols could potentially jam your ignition further. Not only do some sprays dry out into gunky substances,
but they can also attract lint, dust and other debris, making your ignition problems even worse.

This issue could be caused by a number of problems – to ensure that it’s diagnosed properly, we suggest getting in touch with a professional.

rekey locksmith

Could the problem be key-related?

It’s entirely possible!

If your key is too badly bent or worn to fit in the ignition, there’s only one solution: get a replacement.

When key problems strike, you may not be able to make it to a key-cutter’s kiosk, or a locksmith’s shop. Without a functioning car key, you’ll have to
get them to come to you.

Is there no locksmith near you? There is now – all you have to do is give us a call, and our mobile locksmith service will be right there.

Other problems

These are some of the most common reasons your ignition may stop turning. But what if your ignition turns, and the engine simply doesn’t respond?

In these cases, you could have a deeper issue that requires the intervention of a professional mechanic.

Basically, there’s an electrical connection between your ignition chamber and the car battery. When you turn your ignition, this sends an electrical impulse
to the battery, which feeds the starter that – you guessed it – starts the engine.

A problem with this electrical connection can render your ignition chamber useless.

Unfortunately, these problems are sometimes beyond a locksmith’s expertise, and require an appointment with your local mechanic to investigate and fix
issues with the wiring.

Looking to contract a car locksmith in Melbourne to take care of all your customers’ lock and ignition-related problems? Our commercial auto locksmith service works with mechanics and dealerships all over Melbourne.

Get back on the road with our car locksmiths in Melbourne

If you suspect you’ve got an ignition problem on your hands, we recommend getting in touch with a car locksmith in Melbourne, ASAP!

For 15 years, we’ve been helping Melbourne motorists get back on the road when they run into car key issues. We don’t just fix locks, cut keys or open
doors – if need be, we can also fix and resolve problems with your ignition chamber.

Our emergency auto locksmith service allows us to come to you, no matter
when or where you are when disaster strikes. With a service area that covers all of south-east Melbourne,
our team can help you out no matter where you happen to be.

Just call us anytime between 9am and 5pm business hours and 5pm to 10:30pm (for our emergency after hours service), and we’ll be there (including weekends
and public holidays, for our emergency only service!)

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