The locksmith industry could be considered one of the most traditional professions in Australia and, in fact, the world: some of the earliest concepts of locks date back as far as 4000 years ago in Ancient Egypt.

As traditional as its roots may be, the locksmithing industry has not escaped the impact of technology.

The industry sure isn’t slowing down; it’s just changing, just like almost every other industry that finds itself being moulded by technology.

fingerprint locksmith technology

As with any other business, if you refuse to adapt along with technology, you’re simply going to get left behind in your market. The locksmith industry is now about electronic security and more complex security solutions as much as it is about locks and keys.

New technologies affected a huge percentage of locksmiths in the country, leaving only the most capable – those who manage to stay up-to-date of the changes – standing out from the rest!

I am proud to say that Galmier locksmiths is one of them!

From installing high-end locks for business and corporate buildings to our mobile locksmith van, Galmier is evolving with technology. As a result, we can maintain a high level of service to our Melbourne clients who seek a reliable and trusted locksmith.


Locks of the future: digital locks

The so-called locks of the future are already right here, in the present!

There are many locksmiths in Melbourne who are already working with digital door locks through installations and replacements.

That is why people and companies that are able to make a single investment in a new security system for the home or business, should not think twice and get these high-tech security.

Digital door locks are commonly used with a code. This code can be shared with people who require access to certain buildings (making them great for offices or other commercial spaces)

Digital door lock with code

These are quickly making their way into the hotel and holiday rental sphere: digital door locks do away with physical keys, and can make check-in and check-out a breeze. Lock codes can be changed as needed. Read more about digital door locks in our blog post.

Fingerprint sensors

Advanced digital door locks work by identifying a pre-approved fingerprint in a sensory pad. Simply place your thumb or finger on the pad, wait a moment for approval, and voila: the door unlocks. Say goodbye to keys thanks to digital door locks with fingerprint sensors.

scanner locksmith technology

Emergency and after-hours locksmithing

A few years ago, there were few after hours locksmiths or emergency locksmiths in Melbourne.

It would be quite an effort to get in touch with a locksmith after hours, so any problem encountered beyond the regular working day would simply have to wait until morning.

Today, everything is different: the internet has made it possible to get in touch with locksmiths after hours, providing much-needed relief to stranded and panicking customers.

In just a few seconds, using your smartphone, you can find and call a local locksmith.


Other types of locks led by technology

Electromagnetic locks

This type of lock is used in offices or medical labs, where a door is only opened once a button is pushed.

“Smartlocks” – unlock a door with your smartphone

Some companies have taken advantage of the huge Internet of Things movement and have created locks that can be operated with the use of a smartphone.

In this way, and thanks to proximity sensors, when the owner of the house or business is nearby, the mobile will notify the lock to open automatically. This system does not require any keys; instead, it relies on Bluetooth. You can read more about these “smartlocks” here.

smart home security technology

A locksmith’s role in security

Locksmiths are often underestimated, while their skill is sometimes oversimplified. It’s therefore important to see the shift locksmithing has made into the broader security field.

Imagine a world without locks. It’s almost impossible, right? A locksmith does more than change the locks or cut keys. As demands for security have grown, so too has our profession. An ever-growing industry, boosted by the advancement of technology, keeps our minds sharp, our equipment up to date, and our service competitive!

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