This week, we’ve enlisted a little help from our friends Briggs Electrical. They’re local electricians in Melbourne servicing the Bayside and CBD regions.

With years of experience, the Briggs Electrical team have been providing reliable electrical services to both commercial and domestic customers for almost a decade. This week, they are sharing with us some valuable information on security lighting. Enjoy!


We’re always looking for ways to improve the safety and security of our homes and our families.

The basic fact is that a would-be thief is looking for an easy and unassuming way into your home.

That’s why security lighting is such a cost-efficient method to deter unwanted guests lurking around your garden or property.

sensor lighting

Security lights

Deter would-be thieves

One of the main benefits of security lights is that they give the impression of occupancy in a home (even if you’re out for the night) and are an unfavourable attention-drawer for burglars or thieves creeping around your property.

A thief’s goal is to remain as discreet and inconspicuous as possible, so the sudden impact of security lighting creates a riskier situation – something these cowards don’t want to face!

Safety at night

Security lighting is not only great for deterring thieves, but also for the general safety of residents or guests coming and leaving a home. Think of the homes you’ve lived in during your lifetime. Did they all have motion sensors to activate outdoor lights?

Some of my past houses did (and looking back, we sure did take it for granted), but the others didn’t – I can’t even imagine all the times as a teenager I would have to let my parents know when I was on my way home at night. That way, they’d turn on an outside light allowing me to navigate my way through the gate, up the driveway, and into the front door.


Sensor lighting

Many people will always leave an outdoor light on when they leave the house to deter criminals, but often we find we end up burning way too much electricity – what a waste!

Say you’re heading out for an afternoon wedding that’s being held a few hours away in country Victoria.  You’re aiming to leave the house at about 1pm for a two-hour commute with friends, and presume that between the ceremony, the hour or so to kill in between, and the reception, you won’t be home until at least midnight. If you’re leaving a security light on from the moment you leave the house, you’re wasting up to six or seven hours’ worth of electricity – in just one day!

So while you might be grateful for that light when you get home in the darkness of the night, you’re not so grateful for all the energy you’re burning during all those daylight hours.

Especially during those summer nights, where darkness falls later than ever, you could be wasting hours of energy every week. So what is the solution? Sensor lighting!

Motion lighting

Sensor lighting, also referred to as motion lighting, is activated only when movement is detected.

This is great for when you’ve arriving home at night and need to find your house key and when friends and family come over: as soon as you begin approaching your home, motion is detected, the sensor responds, and a light comes on.

Sensor lighting is a sustainable and beneficial safety mechanism for your home. Typical lighting types include regular bulbs or floodlights.

sensor lights

Home security systems

A home security or CCTV system provides that extra layer of security to a home, apartment block, commercial dwelling, or office building. We can install new security systems, upgrade or replace old ones, and can even install a bunch of add-ons, including panic buttons, intercoms, and sensors.

In addition to security lighting, a home security system offers families that extra peace of mind when they aren’t at home – regardless if it’s a night out, a weekend away, or a 3-month holiday.

As soon as a thief spots a warning sticker, motion sensor, or security light, they’ll bolt – they’re looking for an easy in and a simple way to violate a home; a security system flaws their process!

Find out more about our home security systems here.



It’s not all about lighting, though: thoughtful garden care, too, also helps to keep your home safe from lurkers wandering around your property.

You should keep hedges, trees, and shrubs trimmed neatly so those around you, including neighbours and passers-by, can see if something is afoot in your yard. Criminals value dense shrubs as they can help conceal them from public view, so without them, your home looks that little bit less appealing.


Chat to Briggs Electrical about security lighting

We hope this has helped you learn more about the benefits of security lighting, not only against thieves, but to protect the safety of your own family.

Visit the Briggs Electrical website if you’d like any more information, and you can catch up on our own blog here.

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