Short answer: yes!

Many modern cars on Melbourne’s roads now use keyless entry systems. Using a keyfob, car owners could enter their cars without inserting a physical
key, or even having to manipulate a remote – as long as you’re close enough, the door will automatically unlock.

Some assume that since there’s no key involved, there isn’t anything an auto locksmith can do if your entry fob stops working out of the blue.

Simply put, this isn’t true.

Our auto locksmiths in Melbourne work hard to keep up with the latest
developments in car locking and security, including keyless entry systems. As such, we’re able to get you back into your car in the event of keyless
entry problems.

How’s that?

galmier car locksmith melbourne

Just because your car is keyless, doesn’t mean there’s no key!

If you weren’t paying attention when the dealer was explaining the features or never bothered reading the owner’s booklet, you’d be forgiven for being

While the purpose of a keyless entry system is to eliminate the need for a key, most manufacturers still supply a physical key, just in case.

Look over your keyless entry fob very carefully – there should be a hidden latch, button, cap or switch somewhere. Find it, and a physical key will
pop out like a switchblade!

This can be inserted into a hidden lock or a recessed ignition chamber, just like a traditional car key.

These “last resort” keys and their associated locks function basically the same as a traditional key – thus, there’s nothing stopping an auto locksmith
from helping you out in an emergency by cutting a spare, or unlocking your door for you!

Our auto locksmiths in Melbourne can…

Unlock your car’s keyless entry system

Accidentally locked your keyless entry fob in the boot? Need to get back in desperately? Our team can help.

We use a variety of different techniques to unlock your car from you. Depending on the locking mechanism your car uses, we will provide a prompt on-the-spot
solution that minimises the disruption to your day.

Our team is proud of their ability to unlock all sorts of brands:

In addition to passenger vehicles, our services also extend to commercial and utility vehicles (not that many of them use keyless entry just yet –
still, it’s nice to have the skillset!)

In some cases, we may try to manipulate the locking mechanism from the outside. In others, we might attempt to pick the back-up lock chamber. It all
depends on your car!

Resync fobs

Sometimes, your keyless entry fob desyncs with your car.

In these cases, your first response is often to resort to Dr Google for a solution.

The problem is that many car manufacturers use unique keyless entry fobs, rendering a lot of the information you find online less-than-useful!

If you’re only getting dud results, contradictory information or simply don’t feel like taking the risk of doing it yourself however, an auto locksmith
can help.

We’ll come down and resync your fob for you if you’re having trouble, allowing you to continue enjoying your keyless driving experience.

locked out of your car

Offer replacement keyless entry fobs

Keyless entry fobs are pretty high-tech pieces of kit – however, no amount of technology will ever prevent human error from causing problems, such
as forgetting or losing track of your fob!

In these cases, you can feel like you’re royally stuck – after all, who carries spare remote entry fobs around on them?

When we say that our locksmith vans are essentially mobile locksmith’s shops, we aren’t joking – our auto locksmiths in Melbourne roam our roads with
everything and the kitchen sink in the back.

And that includes replacement keyless entry fobs.

We won’t just help you get back in – our team can also replace your keyless entry fob should you lose yours or damage it beyond repair.

We come to you when you need it most

Being stranded due to a key or lock problem sucks.

We get it – that’s why our auto locksmiths in Melbourne are mobile.

Instead of being tied down to a physical location, we come to you, wherever you may be. Our service area covers the entirety of Melbourne’s south-east,
allowing us to help whether you’re stuck in Brighton, Cheltenham or Glen Waverley.

Furthermore, we also offer out-of-hours emergency locksmith service – after all, most of us don’t really use our cars during business hours!

The majority of key and lock problems occur:

  1. On the commute to and from work
  2. Over the weekend
  3. After-hours

As such, any auto locksmith in Melbourne who exclusively works 9-5 isn’t going to be much use to you!

The Galmier team offers extended operating hours. Call us anytime between 9am – 5pm and then for emergency after hours from 5pm – 10:30pm, and we’ll
be there.

And the emergency after hours service includes public holidays!

Stranded? Call Galmier Locksmiths!

Our cars are increasingly becoming “smart” devices – keyless unlocking is just one of the ways this is manifesting.

Luckily for you, Galmier’s auto locksmiths in Melbourne make it their mission to keep on top of all the latest innovations in the world of auto locksmithing.

We frequently take the time to attend industry events and training sessions covering the latest in car keys, locks and ignitions.

  • Is your push-button start not working?
  • Encountered a problem with your keyless entry?
  • Can’t find your backup key?

Whether it’s your keyless entry fob or an issue with a more traditional key, Galmier Locksmiths has the power to get you back on the road.

Our team is just a phone call away! Eliminate the stress that comes with lock and key problems by getting in touch with us on 0407 022 234 or by clicking here!