Your interstate visit might have been a blast. Your business trip could have been extremely productive. However, flying itself can be anything but!

Cramped seats.

Crying babies.



Combining these with the reality that your holiday is over can really dampen your mood!

mobile auto locksmith

But if there’s one thing that can make your travel experience even worse, it’s rocking up to your car and finding that for whatever reason, you can’t get into your vehicle!

Are you stranded at the airport? Left your keys in another state? You need to call an emergency auto locksmith, stat!


What to do if you’re stranded at the airport

Check everywhere

First thing’s first: check your luggage!

Keys are notorious for getting lost, even at the best of times – how many times have you scrambled around the house looking for your keys, only to find they were inside your coat pocket all along?

Be sure to start with a thorough check of the usual suspects (your pockets), as well as your suitcases and bags if you can’t seem to find your keys. After hours spent in the air, you might be surprised where your keys have ended up!

And we mean, everywhere!

If you used a valet or other type of parking service, be sure to touch base with them first. Accidents happen, and it’s entirely possible a clerk might have misplaced your keys or labelled them as belonging to the wrong car.

Be sure you call the lost property or the security desk as well in case someone has dropped your keys off there.


Emergency auto locksmith at Melbourne airport

Losing your car keys at the airport isn’t just a major headache – more often than not, it also means having to hurriedly make alternative arrangements to get home:

  • Paying an overpriced cab fare or booking a cramped, last-minute shuttle bus
  • Calling a friend or relative for a ride home
  • Organising a last-minute rental

After that, most people will need to get in touch with their dealer to arrange a replacement key (not our recommended course of action!)

Beyond all of that though, there’s still the fact that your car is stuck at the airport! You might even be charged additional fees for staying longer than intended.

When all you want to do is go home, losing your keys becomes a major headache!

While we’re based in Bayside, Galmier Locksmith’s auto locksmith service is available to help you at Tullamarine Airport.

Our mobile service comes to you, while our vans are fully-equipped to get you back on the road immediately!


Help! I’ve left my keys in another state!

In the rush to pack and make it to the airport in time for your flight, it’s easy to leave the occasional bits and bobs behind.

If you’re unlucky, those bits and bobs can include your car keys!

Your local mobile locksmith can get you back on the road by making you a new key when you’ve lost your only set.

We can also program transponder keys and new remote control keys on-the-spot, without needing an original key on hand.

Best of all, we come to you, meaning you don’t need to get a cab home or visit us.


I’ve locked myself out of my car – I need an auto locksmith!

Jet lag makes us do weird things. Even the sharpest minds among us can turn into brain dead zombies after spending hours trapped on a plane.

Sometimes it’s throwing away a chocolate and biting into the wrapper. Other times, it’s accidentally locking yourself out of your car!

Fortunately, your friendly auto locksmith is on the case!

Galmier Locksmiths know your car locks inside out – literally! We can open cars for the vast majority of makes and models, including:

We can also get you back into your Volkswagen, BMW or Mercedes,
among other luxury models.

car locksmith airport

Do you need a car locksmith at the airport?

Call Galmier Locksmiths!

If there’s one thing worse than spending hours cooped up in a flying sardine can, it’s losing your car keys at the airport.

If you can’t get home thanks to key problems, there’s only one number to call: Galmier Locksmiths!

Our mobile car locksmith services are based in Bayside, but should you find yourself stuck at the airport with your car keys in another state, call us! We bring 17 years of experience and an impressive list of certifications to you.

If you get stuck at the airport and need an auto locksmith, call Alex and the Galmier team on 0407 022 234 to get back on the road!