A burglary can be a traumatic experience for absolutely anyone on the receiving end, but it can sometimes be even more distressing for older people.

Senior citizens and retirees in particular can be seen as easy targets for would-be criminals. And while most burglars tend to target homes that are unoccupied,
thieves have been known to target homes with elderly residents – burglars aren’t exactly known for their scruples, after all!

Ensuring one’s safety and security against burglary should be a top priority for all homeowners… but especially for seniors.

Security and safety for elderly

Because rightly or wrongly, seniors are commonly seen as softer targets by would-be burglars. Australia’s aged population is expected to continue growing
– and so too will crimes targeting them.

Simply leaving the radio on won’t cut it anymore: thieves have smartened up (as far as a “smart” thief goes…)

If you’re a senior who is looking for ways to keep yourself safe, or a concerned relative with a family member’s security at the front of your mind, read

We’ve prepared a number of ideas and devices you can use to ensure you or your elderly relative’s safety.

Install reliable locks

While Hollywood and TV might show complex lock-picking montages and elaborate wires stunts, in reality the truth is much more mundane – the vast majority
of real-world burglars actually enter through unsecured doors and windows! It’s a somewhat gobsmacking fact, isn’t it?!

So with that in mind, your locks can be one of the most cost-effective ways of shielding residences from unwanted visitors. Good-quality locks are
essential in protecting older Australians from the trauma and stress of being a victim of burglary.

Always check if you or your elderly relative’s window, door and cabinet locks are in good shape – and if they’re not, get them replaced immediately!


Consider a camera system to keep an eye on door-knockers

Keep the elderly safe from crime by giving them greater control over who they open the door to. A camera system lets them see who is outside without
moving close to the door, unlike a peephole, which requires you reach the front door.


Secure your spare key

It’s a time-old piece of advice: hide a spare key under your doormat or in a potted plant so you don’t have to worry about being locked out.

Everyone’s probably heard it at one stage. And unfortunately, “everyone” also includes most burglars.

If you’re going to have a spare key, may we advise you to leave it with someone, and not something. That means ensuring
a trusted friend or relative has a spare key in the unlikely event you find yourself locked out.

Remember – if it’s easy for you to find your spare key, it can’t be too much harder for a thief to find it, too!

Secure your spare key for elderly

Install alarms

The vast majority of all burglaries are opportunistic – a house that can be entered quickly and without drawing attention is like the holy grail for would-be

A visible home alarm system or CCTV system can be the perfect shield
against thieves and burglars. After all, the goal is to not attract attention towards themselves – and what else does a home security alarm do?

Of course, not all safety risks towards the elderly come from burglars and thieves. In fact, for many older Australians, the biggest threat to their safety
comes from within!

Senior citizens have very different safety requirements from their younger counterparts – namely, their health. Elderly Australians face a much greater
risk of health emergencies and are much more likely to be involved in falls or home accidents.

Fortunately, many home security systems come with panic buttons for just this type emergency. Whether located on the alarm control panel, a smartphone
app or on a pendant or wristband for easy access, senior can get help at the touch of a button.


Quick tips for keeping seniors safe at home

  • Ensure their front and back doors are fitted with strong screen doors
  • Avoid glass doors – they make look good, but are easily broken
  • Consider a mobile phone for the elderly (this may require some patience!)
  • Ensure outdoor spaces are fitted with security/sensor lighting
  • Make sure all entry points (including garage doors and back gates) are secure

Galmier Locksmiths keeps everybody safe – seniors included!

While keeping the home secure is of paramount importance to any homeowner, senior citizens face their own unique security and safety challenges.

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