You rush to your car, heading to work, an appointment, or to meet up with friends, but before you even make it out of your driveway – snap!

You try to find a spare car key, but there’s no use. Now cut in half, the only car key you have is in your hand (well, at least half of it!)

Broken car keys can happen anytime to anyone.

When you have a sudden car key emergency – like a broken or chipped key – it is best to immediately call a certified automotive locksmith in Melbourne like Galmier.

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Why do broken car keys happen?

No car key is the same. There are a couple of reasons why car keys break, here are some of them:

Faulty car locks

If you’ve snapped your car key when it’s inside your lock, then there could be something wrong with your lock, not necessarily your keys.

Your car lock may be damaged or worn out, so to prevent this, clean your locks regularly by using an appropriate lubricant to keep them clean from any dirt or debris build-up.

Reasons why your keys break inside your lock include:

  • Extreme temperatures like below freezing point
  • You’ve had a recent car accident which has altered your lock
  • The lock is blocked with dirt and debris

Damaged car keys

Damaged car keys may not always be instantly visible. There are times that you’ll have split, snapped, and broken grooves that do not match the internal mechanisms of your car lock.

Bent and worn out parts can also lead to damaged keys. Moisture and weather exposure can contribute to your key’s wear and tear.

If you’ve been using your car keys for quite a long time, then they’ll be more prone to general wear.

If you start having issues with your keys, it is best to always check them to ensure there are no cracks or dents that might lead to breaking or further damage.

The best thing to do when you have a broken or damaged car key is to immediately get a car key replacement – especially if you don’t have a spare that you can rely on!

Car ignition problems

If your car keys can open your car door yet fail to start the ignition, your car ignition cylinder might be at fault.

There could be a number of causes for this, including a locked steering wheel or dead battery.

Broken or damaged transponder chips

Transponder keys send and receive a signal from the car ignition cylinder antenna that enables the car to operate.

If the transponder key is not working as it should, it will fail to send a signal to the ignition cylinder antenna, and you might not be able to unlock or even start your car.

You may have a dead battery or a worn-out key fob battery that is no longer working.

If you can’t figure out why you have a broken transponder key, let a qualified auto locksmith like Galmier come to your aid to assess the issue.

How do you fix a broken key?

Broken car keys can leave you feeling lost, stranded, stressed, and helpless.

You may not know exactly who to call to ask for help, but calling the right person for the job will help you get back on the road as quickly as possible.

So what do you do when your car key breaks in half?

Call your car dealer or auto mechanic

Time is of the essence, especially when you’re dealing with a car key, car lock, and ignition emergencies.

Car dealers and auto mechanics can help you with your car troubles, however they usually take a bit longer, and in many cases, you’ll need to organise (and pay for) a tow truck service to bring your car to the dealership.

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Call your auto locksmith

In these emergency situations, the best thing you can do is call your local rapid-response Car Locksmith Melbourne.

If you need a quick and reliable key replacement for your broken car key, then an automotive locksmith specialist is what you need.

Fixing a broken car key on your own can lead to further damage, so call a professional auto locksmith like Galmier, who can create and duplicate a brand new car key from scratch.

Auto locksmiths create keys for a wide range of vehicles, including luxury vehicles, like our Volkswagen car key cutting service.

To prevent car keys from breaking, you may need to check out some ways to prevent it from happening in the first place, such as:

  • Be gentle with using your car keys, especially during cold weather
  • Lubricate your car locks
  • Consider replacing car keys if they are damaged or worn

Can you get a key cut if it’s snapped?

If you have no idea how to remove your broken car key or you don’t know what to do when your car key breaks in half, then you may need to seek the help of an expert locksmith who can make a car key even without the original for you.

Broken and damaged car keys?

Call Galmier locksmiths today!

If you’ve got a broken car key, can’t get inside your car, or can’t turn on the ignition, then let an expert, Galmier’s mobile locksmith in Melbourne come to your aid.

Galmier is an automotive locksmith in the St Kilda and Bayside region who can provide you with spare keys, from Toyota key cutting to Mitsubishi key replacement, and almost every other make and model in between!

Our team of locksmiths are equipped with the latest technology, knowledge, and techniques to remove a broken key, make a copy of a key, or replace a transponder key on the spot.

Call Galmier Locksmiths today on 0407 022 234 or save our number to ensure the next time the unexpected happens, you know what to do!