In data gathered by Victoria’s Crime Statistics Agency (CSA) from the period of April 2015 – March 2017, cases of theft have rose 9.3% – from 173,021 to 189,191 across the state.

These alarming numbers should be a sign that rates in this particular crime are going up and that people should put more focus on their safety and security.

Although the CSA’s data does not list the specific kinds of theft and the particular areas they were from, there’s no harm in taking a look at our current security processes and learn how we can better safeguard our properties.

heavy grade commercial locks

Commercial locksmithing: secure your office, shop, and building

Here at Galmier Locksmiths, protecting you and your business or home is our top priority!

While protecting both are always on top of our agenda, this week we want to focus on commercial locksmithing, sharing some ways commercial spaces are enhancing their security every day.

Why is it important to secure our businesses?

As well as securing our homes, we also have to make sure our businesses are protected, especially when we aren’t there.

For some of us, our businesses are our bread and butter. It’s more than just a job: it’s how you support your family.

Securing your place of business is a little different from protecting you home. It isn’t enough to walk into your local hardware store and purchase locks yourself. These store-bought locks may not be enough to do the job, leaving your business vulnerable to threats.

In addition, these locks may not meet the requirements of the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

How can we secure your business?

Galmier Locksmiths is here to maximise the protection of your business.

Our commercial locksmith service ensures that commercial-grade locks will protect your property.

Master key system

A master key system is a key plan that allows chosen keys to open a number of preselected doors. Having a master key system would let you keep things in control and reduce the number of keys going around.

Restricted key system

In addition to a master key system, we also supply and install restricted key systems.

A restricted key system involves customising the keys for you, and puts a stop to unwarranted key duplication: an employee or tradesman cannot simply head to the local key cutter and get the key copied.

Before a key can be duplicated, it has to go through a registered signatory process. In this process, a formal request has to be made to the locksmith who originally created they key.

Blocker plates

Galmier Locksmiths is also a supplier of blocker plates.

A blocker plate is a device designed to restrict access to a door lock or latch. It can also help protect your locks from physical attacks.

By installing blocker plates, you are adding an extra coat of security to your business.

The use of blocker plates is highly recommended for businesses and commercial establishments.  One of the best spots you can install blocker plates is on your external doors.

KABA and Lockwood commercial-grade locks

As we have mentioned earlier, protecting your business is not always similar to protecting your home. For your business, we recommend commercial grade locks that generally aren’t available in hardware stores.

We are suppliers of two leading brands in the security and locking industry: KABA and Lockwood.

These high quality and innovative locking solutions provide durable and robust security for your commercial space.

Choose a Master Locksmith like Galmier

There might be a lot of locksmiths in Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs but what sets Galmier Locksmiths apart is that we are an outstanding mobile locksmith service with more than 10 years of experience.

Aside from that, we are a proud member of Master Locksmiths Association of Australia (MLAA).

As a member of this organisation, you can trust that by working with Galmier, you’re working with qualified and experienced professionals in the industry who abide by the rules and regulations.

If you need a locksmith who can provide the highest level of skills for all your security needs, (commercial or otherwise!) contact Galmier Locksmiths!

Don’t become a statistic. Protect your commercial property today. Call now!